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Meshach Abednego “I AM:” Meshach Abednego is a gospel blues artist from the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, NY. Meshach’s music invites you into an intimate space with a vocal quality that is haunting and beautiful....

Mannequin Oh yeah, before you read any more press play on the track above so you know what we know.  Did you press play?  Okay good... Mannequin sent us over their EP with four tracks that will grab you by the...
chris the king

Chris Cash The Gifted “Gift Rap” EP

  Got a 5 track EP from an artist by the name of Chris Cash The Gifted titled "Gift Rap".  This one is serious and will get anyone going.  Chris Cash TG lays down raps that are real and authentic and definitely not for the kiddies.  Let's dig into...


Oltay sent us over a few of his tracks a few days ago and we have been checking them out over and over.  From acoustic ambiance to powerful dance Oltay certainly knows how to deliver a song.  Check out and connect with Oltay today!  His tracks...


Oh yeah got 3 tracks from a band by the name of Ditsea Yella.  They are fantastically produced and full of energy. "sin mona lisa" is a raw powered electronic track with fantastic vocals and an interesting arrangement of sounds.  It will get you in...

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