Singer / Songwriters


Exclusive Interview: Samie Bisaso

VCT:   Samie it is great to finally get to interview you. Your latest single "Million Pieces" is quite refreshing. Do you want to tell me how this all came about? Samie:  Beginning with a pieces of...

Exclusive Interview: Torey Mercer

Torrey Mercer is a multi-award winning talented Pop Singer, Motivational Speaker, and Actress from San Diego, CA. Torrey added two awards to her resume this year when she took home Best Teen Artist and...

Exclusive Interview: Natalie Jean

I had the opportunity to chat with Natalie Jean last week and introduce this talented singer from Washington, DC.  She is a charming and talented singer who has just started to release music over the past...

Exclusive Interview: Eleri

VCT: Eleri it is great to finally have a chance to sit down and talk to you about your debut album "Love Cyanidation". I have been checking out your previews and really like what I hear so far, can you...

Exclusive Interview: Doug Cash

Doug Cash “ The acoustic Rock Onslaught “ Singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, performer.  President of  Pryor 2 What ? Records, owner of Pryor 2 What ? Music Publishing.  Heavily...
boom boom 2

Exclusive Interview: Boom Boom

VCT: I like your style, tell me about how you came to writing your songs? It all started about two years ago when I met my producer Alexi von Guggenberg. He had just graduated from Berklee College of...

Exclusive Interview: Cequence

  VCT: You have a distinctive style that melds many different genres together creating a really unique musical sound. When you create songs, what inspires you to weave your sonic...

Exclusive Interview: KT Mulholland

VCT: KT it is a pleasure to finally get a chance to sit down and meet with you. Your schedule has been booked with lots of amazing things over the years and I am glad we have this opportunity....
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