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Jungo Benko EP

Jungo Benko sent me over their 5 track self-titled EP and I have been checking it out for days now.  This thing rocks and grows on any listener with a pulse.  The hard hitting EP will get anyone in the mood to rock, the vocals and tight production are...

Plague Artists debut EP Got a hot new EP from a post grunge band out of Belfast, Ireland that you definitely have to check!  Plague Artists have a hot EP on their hands that will expand anyone who listens to it sonically and be worth...

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Nobi “InteGRITTY2″

Got a great new mixtape "InteGRITTY2" from an artist by the name of Nobi that you need to check out now!  It is real and authentic and the production is top notch.  Visit his site and download your copy...


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