I was just turned on to a great album “Afrodisiac” by “Teni” an artist with such a distinctive voice and presence.  I listened to her new album several times and each time got more out of it.  Let’s dive into this sensual world.  Her album starts off with the title track “Afrodisiac” with such a rich and cool groove accompanied by a voice just keeps you wanting more.  This is a great start to the album and I am eager to move onto track two.  It is a song “Lion heart” that has such rich rhythms and accented with horns, it keeps the energy up and now I am hooked on this album.  Onto track three “Your love is the key” is a hypnotic warm track that has another great vibe.  Tracks four and five  “Like a Gun” and “Revolution” are great upbeat tracks that definitely keep my interest but move the album in a different direction, I am interested in what comes next after these two tracks and the next track “When will it be” clearly answers my question in a unique way wanting me to want more.  This album keeps on giving more interesting vibes and such a rich texture of music along with Teni’s unique voice I want to find out what’s next for the remaining tracks.    “Wilderness” is another great track that features a more traditional sound that brings new life into the album, “Surrender” is a hidden gem on this album, it has a great bass line along with Teni’s haunting vocal track.  It is minimalistic and unique leading up to another relaxing cool track “Why you do” that is winding me down from all the excitement this album has provided.  The final track “Africa” is a perfect ending to a great album “Afrodisiac”.  This 10th track is a strong and powerful ending to an album filled with such interesting and soulful music.  I am so glad I stumbled across this album from Teni, she has a new fan in me.   Check out her album “Afrodisiac” available on iTunes and other places.  – John

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