Just got a tip to checkout a cool new mixtape from Kunte Kente and was excited to press play.  On with the parade here we go… This 15 track album by Kunte Kente features a wide range of sounds ranging from current hip-hop and old style funk and certainly takes to all sorts of places.  As the album title suggests it is a brave exhibit of black power and was a thrilling listen.  Ok so let’s examine each track one by one, track 1 is Whatsee Gunna is an introduction to the album and reminds me of a 70s style of past.  Definitely a call to listen and then onto track 2 Money’s Revenge is a new breed rap with great choir voices and hard lyrics.  Quite interesting for sure is a dialog for track 3 This Cookie-Skit onto track 4 Loving you ft. Reesie Black is a great rap song such positive energy and vibes definitely radio material.  Track 5 Original Know ft. Blaqwood Craz is a little departure and a refreshing track.  The next tracks start out with this and get intense track 6 Snowflake-Skit 7. Kunte Kente,Belvy Castro – Look Around ft.Belvy Castro 8. Wize Man 2 9. Shadows 10. I’m Sorry-Skit 11. Banger(listen)  12. I threw That shit-Skit are very interesting keep the flow going with intense beats and lyrics.  Tracks 13 How the Fuck Did You Make it (Screwed) and 14 How The Fuck Did You Make it remix ft.Whatsee Gunna Donext (Screwed) are mysterious and suspenseful and evoke a mildly evil overtone that lures you in and seduces you.  Track 15 “No More Nightmares” is positive and certainly an interesting ending to this exhilarating album that you definitely should check out!

Glad I got to checkout this mixtape, well done.


Checkout the link here and pickup your copy today! 

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