Well this album was a great holiday gift for my review list.  Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders sent me a half dozen tracks to review for their upcoming album “The Last of the Originals” out sometime early in 2014.  I have listened to these tracks over and over and I am feeling the pure raw energy in my veins.  So let’s get started and run through these tracks.  Track 1 – “I’m gonna get that girl” starts off with a killer raw riff.  The vocals and overall sound paints a really great picture that would make a great movie soundtrack to a raw Quentin T Movie.  Track 2 – “My Baby Gone Cold” keeps the energy up with some nice textures and is a upbeat tune that keeps this album moving right along.  Track 3 – ” No More Mr. Niceguy” is an honest song that seems to be steering this album into a new and interesting direction.  I can’t wait to hear more tracks at this point and the pictures painted in my mind with the songs so far makes this album special for sure.  Track 4 – ” I Was Young “ is a surprising song that simply talks about departing from home and living a life wild and free as the music paints.  Track 5 – “Davey Crocket and the Alamo” is an epic sounding track that definitely paints an amazing picture with stunning instrumentals and a clean spoken word lyric.  It is telling a great story and can’t wait for the last track 6 after the line “Going to Texas you can go to hell” onto  “Red Head Baby” is a raunchy gritty track that is a perfect end to this stunning album.  So far in 6 tracks this album is complete but a few extra things like videos, etc. will make this a collectible for sure.  Bravo to Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders for their upcoming release “The Last of the Originals”  I can’t wait to pick up my copy and you should keep you eyes out for it on the regular channels.  For now you can check it out and show some love by clicking herePickup the single “No More Mr. Niceguy” here!

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