Got another hot set of tracks from Dr. Sounds.  Wow, this set of sounds will lift you away into the universe in no time.  Here’s the review:

Track 1 “Startup” – starts off with a lift off into somewhere only Dr. Sounds knows but wants to invite all his listeners on board.  It’s atmospheric vibe and earth based congas along with some amazing futuristic sounds certainly is a great start to this album.  The suspense and lure of this track along with its repetitive nature makes me want to step on board.

Track 2 “Bungalow” is another cool vibe and takes the  listener to a really soothing and cool place along with some really futuristic elements in a trance like state.

Track 3 “Pomona” slowly drifts the listener into this suspended and tranquil place that is sure to touch so many senses that it leaves you in a state of wonder and awe.

Track 4 “Discovery” as the name implies is like a new discovery on the journey the listener is taking full of positive energy and synchronicity it is delightful and gives such an amazing sense of happiness.  Like discovering an unmapped galaxy in this epic journey of the universe it certainly is a track that leaves you wanting more.

Track 5 “DY9397 Original” is quite refreshing and transparent.  This track certainly will bring you into a state of connectedness and fill you with delight.

Track 6 “Bungalow Chill” is a variation on the theme of track 2 with a much mellower feel and vibe.  The basic elements have been left in place to allow you to experience the essence of bungalow and truly chill to its unique feel.

Track 7 “Session” has a great sound and accentuates some unique elements.  It is hard to pinpoint what exactly is going on in this track but it is almost like you are meeting an alien race from a distant galaxy sharing your experiences with them as you probe each other.

Track 8 “Goteborg” is a unique set of elements in a unique track that epitomizes infinity turned sideways.

Track 9 “Ocean Love” is a great ending to this epic journey by Dr. Sounds.  These tracks will take any listener to places only their imaginations will allow them to reach and the textures and sounds of each track along with proper meditation will allow each listener to explore their universe courtesy of the mastery of Dr. Sounds.  I highly recommend this album to those here on earth who like to actively explore their imaginations, whether you are reading a nice non fiction science text on the universe or a science fiction fantasy text or simply falling into a deep slumber this album will delight you for a very long time.  You can check it out here:

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