Another very cool set of tunes just in right on time.  House Medicine “Feels Like Home” has such a wide range of house grooves you will be uplifted from start to finish.  So let’s get start on the review of this gem…  First Track “Intro” is a mystical start to this mesmerizing album.  It starts off with a unique vibe and the angelic voice Alicia Jordon.  The horns hint of a traditional reggae triumphant song and then the vibe of spoken word and vocals makes me want more and do I get more with the next track “Good to see you try”  It is a classic house vibe with great vocals of Jamie Erivona and then Alicia chimes in.  What a positive vibe with a slight melancholic undertone.  It is a love song with all the positive vibes you would want in a love song.  The vibe gets intense when Jamie and Alicia go back and forth with a dub step vibe, the intensity is well contained and wants you want more.  Makes you get motivated and leaves you with such a great positive feeling.  The next track “Saturday Night” returns to a roots like vibe with organs and spoken word and a great story in the song.  Alicia talks about a great time and the vibe makes you realize it is definitely a great party, and at the end of the song I want to get to that party with all the good vibrations layered in this song.  This song changes gears for the album and track 4 proves we just lifted off “Something Better” is an upbeat tune that is classic house with a twist and makes you want to continue to shake your booty.  It is minimalistic and catchy.  The next track “Oxjam Song” slows down a bit but has a hard pumping bass and thumping and you definitely will want to blast it.  It is a great track to pump yourself up to.  The next track is the next to last track and is definitely unique and different but the title track “House Medicine”  and uplifting.  The lyrics are great and the vibe although nontraditional is extremely catchy.  You realize at this point that things are wrapping up on the journey of this great album “House Medicine” .   The last track “Don’t Hesitate” features acoustic guitar that is uplifting and the vocals are quite nicely layered and Alicia adds some very nice accents.  I have to say this album is quite a nice addition to anyone’s library.  I highly recommend it!  Pick up your copy and spread your wings!

Pick it up here, come on you know you want it!

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