Well, well, well, I was lucky enough to get the heads up on a really cool release coming out in a few weeks.  “Tourist Attraction” by Tiger Suit is a must have for any serious audiophile and I was so glad this one made it onto my desk.  So let’s get started on this 11 track masterpiece and dive in, are you ready?

Ok, track one “Bus Stop” stops off with such energy and a stomping kick drum along with some very interesting spoken words.  Then it goes onto a beautifully melodic tune with such a pleasant vibe you are transported into an imaginary bus stop somewhere in a city so close yet so far.  Curtis’ and Renee’s vocals intertwine in this ephemeral twisty groovy tune and Renee really shows her vocal talents with some truly amazing stylings intermixed in this intro track.  After this track I am ready to get on for a journey of such musical purity excited for each stop that I will journey.

Track Two “Book About Your Life” is so intriguing with it’s vocal melodies and stylistic variations it continues on the same vibe and adds even more interesting twists and turns to this truly unique sound weaved by Curtis and Renee.  It features beautiful vocals and clear electric guitar workings and such a positive vibe you will want to walk up to a stranger and give them a big hug and kiss.

Track Three “Shadows” takes a nice turn with Renee setting the stage with some eerie yet beautiful vocalscapes along with a rich set of instrumentals including some bells and wild synthesized sounds.  This track is the perfect track making me want to continue on this fantastic journey.  It is mystical and so rich with texture and such warmth.  Then out of nowhere it goes into hyperdrive with some really cool instrumentals like you were transplanted into some alternate universe of your imagination.  I guess the theme of this song is a dreamworld and all the fickle inventions that it brings.  The words seem to support a dreamy theme.

Wow, this album keeps on bringing new and amazing songs each one leaving enough room to listen over and over and over again with such professional and intricate melodies and rich textures.  Track Four “A New Year” is a celebration of a new year with such beauty and peaceful and tranquil tones.  It is somber but not too somber yet uplifting.  It pays homage to the past year and the new year underway.  Renee nails the perfect balance of tone in her voice bringing out the perfect emotions about the passage of time.

Track Five “Lucid Dream” starts off with a new twist of techno and fast drum beats and is a nice off ramp on the album giving a much needed break from the richness giving a lighter view on things.  The rhythms on this track are impeccable and Renee’s voice is spot on again.  The message is so positive and the vibe is so uplifting.

Track Six “The Canal” goes even further into the techno world and paints a new picture and gives this album even more amazing spectrum and dynamics.  It features a dub-step bass line along with a thumping kick drum beat.  Renee adjusts her vocals to a more staccato approach and it works well with the backing instrumentals.  This album is really starting to grow on me and I can see myself listening to it over and over when I need a good lift.

Track Seven “My Perfect Reflection” is another mysterious song with sparse elements some slightly atonal, I like it, it sparse elements paint an even more complex and alluring picture that makes me want more.  The lyrics are fantastic and the quaisi spoken word like delivery make it so perfect.  A nice intermission letting me know that things may be wrapping up soon.

Track Eight “Sleep Tonight” is a beautiful lullaby featuring such an angelic voice and simple soundscapes.   It’s repeating refrain let me go, let me go, let me fly are beautiful and it really is a nice song.

Track Nine “Va Ta Pi” is a great song with a world music feel and quite a simplistic yet elegant and tribal melody.  I like these types of songs as they bring feelings to me that I rarely get to experience in my day to day.  I really like this song and you will too.

Track Ten “All of Life” is a nice tribal song as well mixed with modern, featuring spoken word and a really great vibe.  You know things are wrapping up now with this song and it is a perfect ending song.

Track Eleven “Waiting” features a simple piano melody that is perfect to conclude this masterpiece of an album.  From start to finish “Tourist Attraction” by Tiger Suit treated me as one special person with all these richly developed songs.  I highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to have music where they can sit back and relax to some magical vocal and sound scapes created by Curtis and Renee.

Be sure to pick it up on iTunes and checkout Tiger Suit’s web site and social media links below!




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