What a great new album that got to my desk this fine Sunday evening!  Sonnet to Sleep‘s new album Affirmative Say Nothing is one for anyone’s collection, I mean anyone’s.  Here’s why… It is fantastically arranged and produced and leaves you with such a deep feeling inside you’ll want to play the album over and over until you fall in love with the richness and textures delivered by this gem.

So let’s press play on this treasure.  The album starts off with the first track “Promises“.  The layers in the start of the song are a little bit gothic yet reserved and then the power is unleashed with a combination of powerful drum and guitars.  It quickly gets into such a mysterious voice haunting and alluring.  The lyrics are quite strong and after a few listens you try to figure out what these promises were in this romantic confession but you don’t have a clue until you checkout the supporting video here and read the lyrics.  What a great start to get you in such a mood of love whether it is love lost and regained it certainly will bring out the emotions.

The next track “Only For A Moment (Feat. Miss Angie)” is a little slower yet still as passionate as the first with a more reserved vibe.  The arrangement and backing vocals from Miss Angie are impeccable.  Wow, the more I listen to this album I want it and I want it now!  It has such a subdued elegance and warmth that you will love listening to it by itself of cuddling up with some tea and reading a nice book.  Its crescendo is perfect and the message is so true.  So far there are two tracks that are ready for radio and will make anyone want to add this album to their collection.

Track three “So Beautiful” is a nice diversion with some acoustic guitar and strings introduced into the arrangement.  The warm textures and overall smooth vibe still runs through the track and it is truly a beautiful love song with such imagery of a beautiful date between two lovers on an excursion into the night.  How wonderful and uplifting this track is and yet another great track.

Track four “Reason Feat. Josiah Callihan” is a boost to the energy and little bit more enigmatic and a nice turn giving the album a boost.  The falsetto and angst ridden backing vocal and powerful guitar riffs throughout this track give such a unique energy uniquely STS style.

The last track “Time” starts out with nice acoustic and clean electric along with a spoken voice track that is a great warm ending note to this truly special album that will bring you love and healing along with such a great set of musicians who deliver an impeccable five track treasure of an album.  Look for it when it comes out and be sure to check the links below to check out more news for this up and coming band you will definitely be hearing about for many many years from now.  I can’t wait for this one to get onto iTunes and know they have lots more in them for the 2010s.  Thanks Aaron & STS for providing a preview copy of your album!  It is time for you to release it!  I LOVE YOUR ALBUM! – John

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORCEPCF1kDw

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sonnettosleep

Band Website: www.sonnettosleep.com

Twitter: @sonnettosleep

Affirmative Say Nothing

[amazon asin=B00JJOQ2Z0]


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