This 20 track album just came across my desk and I am in a state of, well I don’t know what state but it sure does feel different.  “The Dark Enlightenment” by Kramar Zaibatsu is one of the most unique musical creations I have heard in a long time.  So let’s dig down deeper and get enlightened a bit.  Experimental, electronic fans will love this one.  I am getting into it as I am writing this review.  It is really something special.

Track 1 Entropy Wins is a great starter, with its distorted sounds and atonalities it sets the stage making you wonder what the hell is going on.  The spoken words are so distorted and the eerie sounds make this a tickler for what’s to come.

Is quite interesting as well it is lighter with electronic noises and definitely makes things interesting with the little excerpts of statements.  The pan flute like comes in and really takes an interesting diversion.

3.  Aesqe – Mother (Kramar wants to fuck mxx) 04:14 All I have to say is nice… This really gets things going and the album takes off with this track.  The synths with their funkadelic yet wild riffs along with a stomping drum make this track shine and make you want to get on board the album big time.  Just in time this track wakes things up from the first two tracks intro.

4. Way of the Shallow Dimension Surfer 06:46 Starts off mellow but there is a nice bass riff along with some ambient sounds and scattered noise that make this another gem, it continues track 3’s style with interludes of bells and wild sounds, YESSSS this track is quite exciting and interesting.  Watch the video here now!




5. Son Arrived Has a manic feel and really gets you up off your seat or causes your brain to start firing some extra neurotransmitters making you feel generally hyper manic or just wildly frenzied.

6. Deaf Mice Is a gem with its killer bass riff and noise, forget about blind mice, these deaf mice will make you feel something special right from the first riff until the end.  This song should be further developed and made a bit longer but it is a great track nonetheless…  It has a nice vibe from the start and a great feel.

7. There is no division between The observer and The Observed Is another tasty short track.

8. Phoenices  has some nice textures and great riffs too.

Tracks 9 – 18 I am keeping a mystery to you the reader of this review because you must checkout and pickup this very unique album especially if you are a lover of electronic, experiemental music as I am.  Do it, I dare you!  It will take you on quite a journey and is filled with such a rich and wide range of sound and music you will be exhilarated from start to finish and turn to “The Dark Enlightenment” anytime you want to summon the dark forces within you.  This is the best five euros you will spend to get some truly unique sounding material. 

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 Here are the last two tracks ( just checking to see if you are paying attention… )

Leave a comment about these two last tracks describing what they are about, the most creative comments may well receive a free copy of the entire album! 

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