A cold night in Northeast USA and this album came in just at the right time to warm things up.  Audio Tech-Noir by CitySpeak is a 15 track album you definitely want to check out if you are into artists like Vangelis, Nobuo Uematsu, Chemical Brothers and M83.  It starts off with a nice electronic vibe with its intro track Alpha and ends with Omega and is a masterpiece of wizardry and extraordinary layers and textures.  The rhythms and arrangements throughout Audio Tech-Noir are perfect if you are at home relaxing or just laying back dreaming of some place to escape to.  Let’s dig deeper into this debut album by Jesse Mason track by track.


Alpha 01:25

This syncopated track is a great start to this debut album, it has a building melody line and crescendo that sets a great start to the album.


Arrival 03:57

This serene track highlights the symmetry of this entire project created by CitySpeak, the arpeggios synths and pizzicato strings set a soft tone highlighted by sounds of the ocean.  It is delicate and leaves a very calm yet uplifting feel.


Rad Racer 05:25

This track is powerful and the first single released off of the album and I can see why.  It has both raw energy and power that brings back the days of the first industrial songs in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  I was there so I know.  It’s like I’m stepping back into the limelight or even the dungeon with this track.  The melody on the synth and backing synth-horns and dub bass line make this track kick.

Blush Response 04:58

This dreamy track features a nice rhythmic start and layers of synth vocals and wild effects, close your eyes and see what you find this track keeps building and changing throughout with so many different elements your imagination will blossom with imagery from all the neurons it triggers.


Fata Morgana 03:38

Nice opening and power to this one, it is subdued yet driving with techno vocal backing.


M. Machina 03:47

Another great track highlighting the skill of CitySpeak in creating textures and layers filled with power.


Mute City Interlude 02:24

Nice opening very royal and sublime on this track, the synth is beautifully done on top of the arpeggios and the tone here is upbeat and sanguine.  Nice track!


Audio Tech-Noir 03:16

The title track to this album is superb, the flanged opening and rawness is a departure from the whole project yet wraps you in a cloak of sounds that will make you understand what this band is all about.


Highwind 05:04

This is a fast tempo track that has very interesting elements.  It is driving and fits into the melodic structures of other tracks on the album and really is a great track to keep the flow going on the album.


Pris 03:48

This is a down tempo track that calms you down from the previous track.  Nice elements and basic construction.


Break Today 03:17

The only track with vocals that can be heard so far.  An interesting track with so many varied elements.


C-Beams 06:17

This is a great track with such warmth and texture I can play this track over and over or just have it on repeat when I want to escape somewhere in my mind.  A great track nicely developed and arranged.


Non Finem 02:37


Departure 03:33

A nice departure for sure this track is a great way to say so long to a masterfully arranged and produced album.


Omega 05:30

A great ending to this album, and I have to say “Bravo” to Jesse for putting together a great debut album.  I recommend that you connect with CityScape and pick up your copy of Audio Tech-Noir by clicking here or visiting http://cityspeak.bandcamp.com/

Label: unsigned
Website Link: www.cityspeakmusic.com
Facebook Link: www.facebook.com/cityspeakmusic
Bandcamp Link: http://cityspeak.bandcamp.com/
Reverbnation Link: http://www.reverbnation.com/cityspeak
Twitter Link: @cityspeakmusic

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