Teacher Preacher & Kuntry Strong just sent over their new album “The Return from Babylon”  and I am checking it out now press play on it and check it out and read this review best way to get the most of it.   This is a 20 track album that you definitely want to add to your collection!

The last track “Welcome to Amerikkka” makes it clear Teacher & Kuntry have a strong message of political and social change with their last track.  The production and lyrics on this album are at the top, they are explicit but with their first track they make it real clear there is no mincing words on this album.  Hip-Hop / Rap always pushes the envelope with things and from the first track this album has what it takes.

Track 19 “Bandz” has a great groove and bass line and flows with a signature line “got bandz in my pocket…” It’s got a catch and flows smooth.

Track 18 “Grind ” is an epic track it starts off with a monstrous sound then gets into a great rap.  It’s a great track and with the hook “grind to get that paper”  It’s produced perfectly to build a dynamite feel.

Track 17 “We Some Country Folks” is really cool very creative and definitely the perfect track to keep the energy going.  Quirky cool sounds at the start and a great production with a free form rap and funky bass.

Track 16 “Rednecks & A liens” a rap off about Rednecks and Aliens, an interesting track that gets into a short rap.

Track 15 “Hustling & Ballin” is an honest rap with great backing music.  Check it, I’m sure you’ll dig it.

Track 14 “4 Door Rider” has a great sound and groove, definitely a pump it up song.  Just sit back and cruise with this one.

Track 13 “God & Beer” is old style yet fresh and has a good hook to it.

Track 11 “Babylon” is a wild track with some extraordinary vocals and lyrics about Babylon and a good history lesson.

Track 10 “Getting Made” nice keys and strings and a good rap with great inspirational lyrics.

Track 9 “Look At This World” is a great song about hope and persistence.  Quite a journey this album.

Track 8 “Spaceage Dookie Love” is a very short quirky cool track.

Checkout and connect with Teacher Preacher & Kuntry Strong now and pickup their album on iTunes now!  It has great raps and top notch production…



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  1. jason

    This is the first time I heard of these guys but that album is really good. I just downloaded it.


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