Well, well, well another album came to me today and I have to say “Grade A” by EJ Brixx is quite a masterful album so let’s press play on this thing now and check it out.  Did you press play alright let’s go… This is an album that is creative and quite interesting

Track 1 Asleep In Advisory (Prod. CanisMajor) “ is really sweet, it has so many elements that make it stand out amongst the clutter out there.  It has some interesting elements that are put together in an artistic way.

Track 2 Mr. Dee’z Project (Skit) is a funny break skit you have to check it out.

Track 3 Roll One (Prod. Nomed Beats) is smooth and you know what it’s about by the name of the track.  Chill with this one and roll one if you please.

Track 4 Daily Races (Prod. AyeSilver)” is a very interesting track it has so many elements and with touches of some catastrophic events from the past including the Kennedy tragedy.  The production is top notch like all the tracks on this album.  The Tears for Fears chorus from “Mad World” and the lyrics all come together on this track.

Track 5Grade, A (Prod. AyeSilver)” is another great track you can groove to.  All the elements come together in a really smooth way and the production again is A caliber.  The energy builds in this track and the hooks grab you.

Track 6 Came To See (Prod. Camp-O)” is a very creative track with some great elements to it.  The sounds in this track are so varied and it builds to a great hook.

Track 7 Go Wild (Prod. KingLegendary Beats)” grabs you right from the start and gets its hooks in you.

Track 8 Outro (There’s No Way)” is a great end to a great album you have to check out.

Well this album is an honest, creative and well produced one that will get you in the mood if you want to checkout what’s next in hip-hop / rap.  The musical and interesting elements will make you play this one over and over I did and each time the hooks in each track got me diggin’ it more.

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Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ejbrixx/sets/grade-a-ej-brixx-x-blue-rey
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ejbrixx
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ejbrixxpnugx
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