On this rainy overcast day in Northeast USA I am lucky that Jacob H Carruthers III passed along “The Jazz in my Soul” to checkout.  This 12 track album will certainly move you as it did me in so many ways you will want to keep it at the top of your collection.  So dig into this twelve track treasure now…  You can play it and read the review all at once by clicking here!

Track 1 “The Broken Hearted” sets a great warm and mellow vibe to introduce the album.  The elements of warm instruments are perfectly blended and create such a heartfelt song that will help anyone with a broken heart to mend a little.

Track 2 “La Samba Loco” is a quick wakeup with some nice combination of strong rhythms and keys, guitar and percussion.  It certainly will cause you to get on the dancefloor and let it all hang out as the name of the track implies.  Get on your dancing shoes with this track and get a little crazy with the one you love or at a party.  The guitar and organ and accents of percussion really work well.  Oh yeah those riffs by the organ  and guitar will take you over and keep you shaking and swinging.

Track 3 “Another Year” is an epic composition with such a strong piano and melodic introduction, it really is masterfully composed and gives the sense of time passing with its bass and piano interaction.  You can almost hear the full story in the melody of this song, some up some down, some round and round but all the while remaining upbeat and positive.  This is a great song to play at a dinner party and matter of fact this whole album is great when you have family and friends come over and chill.

Track 4 “Rush Hour” may be my favorite track on the album its sparse yet funky groove will hook you right in and it leaves you waiting for the next phrase and builds slowly into a jazzy funk a delic tune breaking into each phrase at an unexpected just the way I like it.  The bass riff is hypnotic along with beat and percussion.  It is subtle and each element that is introduced is so delicate you can really just chill to this one when you are going through a tough commute anywhere it will keep you driving or in transit with some funky yet smooth feeling inside getting you to your destination fully charged and ready to go.

Track 5 “Sweet Sweet Surrender (feat. Susanna Samson)” is the first track with vocals by Susanna Samson and I have to say this is a classic and Susanna fits into this gem like velvet and wine.  So masterfully done it may be my second favorite track out the the 12 so far.

Track 6 Hot Water Cornbread (feat. Michael Smith)” has an interesting opening with some nice percussive elements great instrumentation.  The synths are quite intriguing on this one and fit so perfectly in the backing funky playing.

Track 7 “Senorita” is another great track that has that raw natural vibe throughout, the layers of sounds build nicely and the phrasing is quite nicely done.  It has great percussive elements that add to the unique texture this track develops.

Track 8 “Sloppy Joe (feat. Michael Smith)” is very nicely done as well.  The production is strong and the instrumentation is spot on.  It is powerfully played and mixed.

Track 9 “Weekend Muse” is a great mellow track giving you sense that the album is past the midpoint and offers nice syncopated guitar and keys along with nice acoustic guitar and piano solos.

Track 10 “No How No Way (feat. Charlie Minors)” is a strong and mellow track with a mixture of tight bass and drum along with piano, and Charlie Minors and the vocals really build a great atmosphere as do all the instruments on this track.

Track 11 “Latin Love” is a nice mellow track with some great elements, the keys are clean along with the percussion.  Nicely produced and played.

Track 12 “Thursdays” is the last track on the album and is mellow yet uplifting, the synth horns and elements are a great finale to a truly great album by Jacob H Carruthers III.  I recommend this album to anyone who wants to chill with truly great music that is produced and arranged perfectly.  It will take you to some really cool places and makes a great addition to any music library.  I want to thank Jacob for sending this gem my way!


You can pickup your copy from any the sources below:

iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id833875493

Amazon mp3: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_22?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=jacob+h+carruthers+iii&sprefix=Jacob+H+Carruthers+III%2Caps%2C291

Amazon on Demand: http://www.amazon.com/The-Jazz-Soul-Jacob-Carruthers/dp/B00K37EIJY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1400121206&sr=8-2&keywords=jacob+h+carruthers+iii


Also available on Spotify and Rhapsody

Web site: www.lionpawrecords.com





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