Got another smooth EP from Prophet today and it is old school hot. Let’s dig into the tracks, click play now.  This one is not for the kiddies, it is a grown up EP and some may find it rough on the ears but the music and raps are honest and well done.

Track 1 “Ima Balla ft. Privilege” is a strong honest introduction to this EP.  The energy and rap sets things straight no bs, just an honest strong rap.

Track 2 “What we do ft. Prophet & Don Stephan” is another strong great rap that will captivate you from the start.

Track 3 “Wit It Jovan ft. Prophet & T-Shell” is a catchy rap that will hook you in from the start.

Track 4 “Better Days” is another honest track and has a great hook to it.

Track 5 “F**k Em”  is a very interesting track, the rap and music makes this one cool track.  The rap is honest and it grows on you.

Track 6 “Fantasy” is sweet and powerful.  The monster production will get you in the mood to grind it on the dance floor.

Track 7 “Runnin AliahTeflon Ft. CokeBoy Brock” is a hard style rap and Prophet really sets his line with this one.  The rap and music are raw and if this one doesn’t get your blood flowing nothing will.

Track 8 “Down a notch” is a great ending for this EP.  Prophet really lets it all out and the backing music sets a strong finale.  The smooth vibe and message is a great ending to this powerful and provacative and tough EP.

Well this EP is one for the hard style rap fans out there.  The production and raps on Prophet’s EP “Midwest Hustle” are top notch and this is an honest, powerful EP.  Check it out!

You can connect with Prophet below:



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