Wow times 1000 Turk Tresize just sent me his album “Soul Casino” and I have been playing it over and over since last night as I was sipping on some brews.  This album is a great time and Turk’s vocals and the production will grow on you giving a great time to all listeners.  It is an upbeat honest 10 track album that will take you on quite a journey.  It rocks, it rolls and grabs you everywhere in between.  Let’s dig into this treasure, press play and read on…

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Track 1 “Daddy Wazza Roller” opens up the album with a great honest tale from Turk accompanied by smooth instrumentals.  The bluesy riffs and textures will get you hooked from the beginning.  It tells a rich story that sets the album off on a journey you know you want to stay on.  It is impeccably produced and developed, Turk’s vocals and layers fit so smoothly together you will want can’t stop lovin’ it.  The riffs, the textures get you to a place you should want to be.  Great start to an amazing album.

Track 2 “Direction” is an upbeat song that features simple melodies and a great story line by Turk.  It lifts you up and has a great hook to it.  The elements of acoustic guitar and organ make grow on you with a hooky lead guitar.  It is remorseful in a good way no sadness here, just a new way of looking at things. A great track.

Track 3 “Karma Wisdom” is probably one of my favorite tracks from this album.  It starts off with a cool riff then goes into some laid back rockin’.  The interesting chord selections and spot on vocals.  The hook of this song will grab you and take you to a wonderful place.

Track 4 “Da Wheel”  really builds a great landscape with its great lyrics and production.  Turk’s vocals are spot on and the backing vocals creating such a rich presence in each phrase.  It is a mellow happy song that you can chill to anywhere, whether taking a long road trip or just chillin your room.  The message is great and the song is very well done.

Track 5 “Nice to Know” is an extremely honest song that really speaks directly to the listener and develops so nicely.  Turk’s vocal is highlighted on this track and it is superb!  It has such texture and richness.

Track 6 “Miles and Miles” is another one of my favorite tracks.  It starts off with this really cool rhythm and rawness.  You have to check it out for yourself, it is top notch and words are not needed you have to experience it.  It will grab you and take you if you pump it up loud enough.  It is such a cool gem to this really cool album.

Track 7 ” Rollin’ ” is one hot bluesy track.  It has raw energy and power and is tons of fun.

Track 8 “Wasted”  has a real cool riff and is an interesting track.  This is one to get you up on the dance floor and shake it a little.  It rocks with its catchy hooks.

Track 9 “Held a Rose”  is a pristine track layered with acoustic guitars and a smooth lead.  It has a good upbeat backing and great melodies that are very nicely put together.

Track 10 “West on Train” is a great ending to a truly great album.  The lyrics like the first track tell a great story.  The energy and passion make this one great for radio and would be a great first single.

Well Turk and his crew have a real precious gem on their hands.  Every aspect of this album will make it a great addition to anyone’s catalog.  I recommend you pick it up.

You can connect with Turk Tresize below:

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