Well just got another very cool album from Vandal “No Parables” and this 12 track album is smokin’ good.  It has a great vibe and if you are into hip-hop / rap this one is for you.  Vandal’s tunes are H.O.T. hot and let’s go dig into this gem.

1. “One of the Last” is an honest rap that introduces the album in a powerful way.  It has a smooth groove with power that touches your soul.

2. “We On” is an epic rap that has powerful instrumentals

3. “Spotlight”  has such a hook and will get you right on the dancefloor to groove.

4. “Time Is Now” features Vandal’s rap style, the power and lyrics hit hard and there is no nonsense in this track.

5. “Ferrari” is a cool track with a great hook and nice production.  

6. “Feels Good” is another fun party track that has top notch production.

7. “I Always Knew” is a nice mellow sensual track with Vandal’s smooth lyrics.

8. “Run That Back” is a really good catchy track.  The hook will get you from the beginning and you will dig it until the last note.

9. “Yeahs” has some really interesting sounds in it and will grab you from the first note.

10. “History Made” is another epic track featuring some really nice musical breaks and melodies.

11. “That Pole” has a nice vibe and groove to it.  

12. “I See Ya Girl” is the final track on the album.  The vibe and feel are cool and interesting like all the tracks on the album.

Well I am impressed Vandal’s new album “No Parables”, the raps and production on each of the tracks are top notch.  It is an honest album that you will either like or hate, there is no middle ground.  I dig it and am a big fan of what Vandal released.  Checkout his video below and pick up a copy of his new album now!

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