Well just got a cool piece of art sent to my desk from Sun Uther Wahn, this 11 track album is very cool and I just have to say I enjoyed it from start to finish and appreciate all the nuances and cool music in it.  If you are into meditation and relaxation and soundscapes that take you to different realms you will  really like Jedi Mind Music.  Let’s dig into this treasure and reveal its truly unique sound.

Track 1 “Initiation” is a great introduction to the album, it is a very short track but will get you ready to take the journey into another state of consciousness.

Track 2 “Dai Bendu” will relax you even further with its white noise like backing sounds and cool melodies.  I’m really starting to relax as I am writing this review and you will as well once you pick up a copy of this great album.

Track 3 “Deep Core” is really cool it features ethnic rhythms and is quite hypnotic and will get you somewhere special.

Track 4 “Science of the Field” is a mysterious track with elements of middle eastern melodies and modern rhythms, I like this track it has a mixture of elements that work very well together.  You will dig it as well.

Track 5 “Realisation” is even darker than the previous track with an uplifting chord progression, the perfect dichotomy of styles that makes this track very intriguing.

Track 6 “Tho Yor” is super mysterious and in my opinion it is required to close your eyes in a dark room to appreciate all the subtleties contained in this one.

Track 7 “Crysolace” is a beautiful track with simple sounds and textures that will take the stress out of any day.

Track 8 “Midi-Chlorianology” is another intriguing track it has a helicopter like sound along with other sounds that are hypnotic and it will certainly expand your imagination.

Track 9 “Tranquillity Spire” is the most traditional song on the album its rich synth strings and strong harmony make it an epic song.

Track 10 “Palawa” has some nice elements in it, bells and ethnic drums make this one special.

Track 11 “Odan Urr Mantra (The Jedi Code)” is the final track and mantra for the album.  It is a great summary of a truly unique experience.

Jedi Mind Music is a great excursion for your mind to reach new levels and places you never knew existed.  I highly recommend this album to anyone looking to improve their sense of inner strength and peace.  Its masterfully produced and flows very nicely.  You can pickup your copy of the album below.  Very well done, Bravo!



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