Cara Musik “5BY5 HELSINKI”


Wow times infinity I really mean WOW this EP by Cara Musik is H.O.T. hot, I am pumping up now and falling in love with Cara and her silky smooth sensual strong voice on her latest EP.  The hooks and songs on this EP will have you groovin’ and grindin’ it.  Let’s check out the 5 tracks on the EP one by one.

Press play on this one, it will get you rockin and shakin… Let’s go dig into it now

Track 1 “Pretend” is a powerhouse that not only has solid production by J. Lagerström and Cara shines on this one right to the top.  The lyrics and delivery are A+++ and such a solid track to start the EP off on.  If you don’t get moving on this one you must be deaf, it like all the tracks on this EP have the best hooks and Cara’s voice is a perfect fit.

Track 2 “Stronger Than I Thought” has a pounding background and Cara belts it out with her sultry and strong voice.  There is great energy to this track and the hooks will grab you right from the start.

Track 3 “Never” showcases Cara’s vocal range and stylistic development.  It’s a fun track that will never let you down with it’s catchy and cool vocals.  It really shows Cara’s dynamic vocals and really has a great feel to it.

Track 4 “New York City” is a funky cool rocky song with great instrumentals and really great vocals.  It is definitely a great track that will hit the Top 40 for sure.  IT HAS IT ALL. 

Track 5 “All of Me” is a nice chill ending to this great EP.  It shows even more warmth and depth to Cara’s vocals.  It is a really great romantic song that has all the textures and layers you could ever want.  It is an epic end to an epic EP.

This a great EP destined for greatness in my opinion.  Cara delivers it and then some.  The production is top notch and definitely Top 40.  You will be hearing from Cara Musik soon!  Spread the news Cara is here!

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