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Well, well, well Mr. Eurodisco passed along his hot 5 track EP just now.  I’ve been checking it out and looping it for the past hour and all I can say is it will pump you up and get you moving.  Its top notch production and cool arpeggios along with interesting sounds definitely set this one apart from the crowd.  Let’s dig in a little deeper.

Track 1 EuroClub” is a cool techno song with a dark side to it and a richness that is cool.  I can see it being played on any dancefloor.

Track 2 Eurodisco3″ is an uplifting song with great melodies.  The layers of the song all work together to create a happy and nice vibe on this one.

Track 3 FLbeat is a quirky song but will have you shakin’ your thing with its unorthodox sound.

Track 4 Eurobeat has a class sound to it with its synth lead and is a great clean sound.

Track 5 Spacy is a happy and nice way to end this masterfully produced EP.  Mr. Eurodisco knows how to put together really nice vibes and this 5 track EP will lift you up and get you movin.

You can connect with Mr. Eurodisco below:




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