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I just got a preview of an amazing 9 track album today.  I’ve been checking it out all day and really getting into his style and songwriting.  The album features clean acoustic guitar and great lyrics and vocals.  It is refreshing to get an album like this today.  It showcases great songwriting and a clean stylistic composition and playing.  Let’s dig into this gem now.

Track 1 “Learned It from the Best” is a great introduction to the album, the lyrics, vocals and playing are really top notch.  Midas has a style that is smooth and natural.  This is an excellent story to start the album “Smoke in Mirrors”.  It sets the stage for a great journey.

Track 2 “Nog Meer” is an interesting Dutch tune with the English meaning of more.  I don’t understand Dutch but it certainly is a passionate song and I can feel the emotion perfectly.  The playing and singing are top notch I wish I understood the language and could appreciate the lyrical nuances.

Track 3 “Destined To Kill” is a wonderful melancholic tale with great playing and singing.  It starts off slowly and builds into a crescendo of passion.  It has some really memorable lyrics and the honesty of the track strikes right through to your very essence. The chorus is well put together and you have to hear it to get into it, I know this track is a keeper for me, so perfect in its style and lyrical content.

Track 4 “Better Plan” starts off with a soulful and heartfelt acoustic guitar.  It is an inspirational song that truly will make you get closer to this great artist.  Midas has a great track with this one his voice shines on this one along with the whole song.  It really hits you right in the heart and soul.  It is another great track and builds the album perfectly.

Track 5 “Don’t Forget” is an upbeat track that will have you tapping your fingers with its syncopated playing and singing.  It is a great track to keep you into the album.  It is a fun track with a great energy.

Track 6 “The Island Where Right Went Wrong” features great guitar playing along with exceptional lyrics.  The story it paints is very rich with imagery accompanied by a simplistic yet rich acoustic guitar.

Track 7 “Drive” as the name applies is full of energy and passion.  The playing is rhythmic and passionate along with the lyrical wizardry of Midas.  This one is great for a gathering and another great track to get you moving and shaking.  Midas continues to shine and the album has grown even more complete with this track.

Track 8 “Doodstil” is an enigmatic and interesting track and another Dutch track.  Doodstil is a hamlet with 102 inhabitants and the English translation is dead silence.  It also means completely silent and is a word that captivates one’s imagination.  Again I wish I could understand the lyrical content of the song but the passion is clear.

Track 9 “Nevermind” is the final track for the album and is a great ending.  It is a proclamation of Midas and a very honest track and fantastic conclusion to a truly special album.

I highly recommend “Smoke and Mirrors” to anyone especially audiophiles who want to add some rich texture and honest music to their collection.  There aren’t many albums created today with such a stylistic honesty and songwriting.  It is a wonderful addition to anyone’s collection.  Bravo Midas!

[itunes link=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/better-plan/id880796074?i=880796086&uo=4″ title=”Smoke_and_Mirrors”]


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