Just got a sneak peak at the new EP from Bubbles Erotica “Elephants Never Forget” and I have to let you know that this one is on top of the pack.  It is hard hitting and the four man band from Chicago is firing perfectly on all cylinders.  This one is a keeper and I will give my 2 cents on the 4 track EP now.  This EP will be released world wide on June 3rd!  Nobody should pass this one up, here’s why, IT ROCKS!

Track 1 “Freak Nasty” is such a rockin’ tune, the drums, bass, guitar and vocals will take you and slap you right in the a**.  I have it cranked up now and I feel all the hairs on my neck standing at attention.  The riffs and rawness is unmatched and this one is a great start to a truly great EP.

Track 2 “Super Unnatural” is a very interesting combination of futuristic funk and grunge.  The lyrics are fantastic and the composition is extraordinary.  The dubstep bass and free form development is spot on.  This song keeps giving great twists and turns! What a great song!  The playing and vocal melodies will grab you and take you for an amazing ride into the insane talent of Bubbles Erotica.  

Track 3 “People – Innermission” is an exquisite song that starts off with a nice combination of piano and great vocals.  It is an epic track that spotlights this four piece monster of creation.  The playing and production are exceptional and the song is very well developed and will grip anyone with a pulse.

Track 4 “Inhaling Ghosts” is a great end to this truly spectacular EP.  What a ballsy kicking track.  It fires all the best of the band with its sonic mastery and killer arrangements.  This one is yet another track that has all the ingredients to storm over humanity and devour it and spit out the chicken bones that remain.  If you don’t get a rush from this one, you must be severely numb or just under some major sedation.  This is the way to end an EP.  It makes you want to play the whole EP over and over and over and OVER, I know I am and am hooked on this one!

So you should be thankful as I am to get a sneak peak of this EP coming out on June 3rd.  I am standing in line to pick up my copy and know you won’t be able to resist picking up yours!  Can’t wait for the tour!

 http://Bubbleserotica.com   https://m.facebook.com/bubbleserotica



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