Got a preview of the new mixtape by Fella T “God City” and I have to say this one is on fire.  This 22 track mixtape is raw power and will grab you from track 1 all the way to the end with honest, raw and high energy lyrics and top notch production.  Can you imagine this mixtape can be yours FREE!  Let’s dig into this monster track by track.  Warning: This mixtape is not for the kiddies and contains some naughty words.

01. Fella T – Noise (1:20) Oh yeah what a great way to start a mixtape!  This track will get you on board from the first word.  

02. Fella T – Defense (3:23) The style and rap on this track is honest and full of power.  This track really highlights the skills of Fella T and his crew.  This mixtape is right on track and this rap gets things rolling full steam ahead.

03. Fella T – Round Me (3:16) What a catchy, creative song it keeps on moving round and round and if you tap into the energy you will be able to punch through a brick wall and laugh.

04. Fella T – Double G (4:09) And if you thought the energy was picking up this track will take you and whoop your butt saying it’s just getting starting, hold on and brace yourself this mixtape is on FIRE!

05. Fella T – Bad Girls Club (3:45) This track has the style and class that only Fella T can deliver.  This track is a perfect for starting a great night out with your crew.

06. Fella T – WTS-OTS (Feat. Casa Capone) (3:53) Raw power, enough said.

07. Fella T – Dad Shit (2:37) Another great track, everything in place right?

08. Fella T – Itchy (3:10) has a groove that you will get hooked to right away.  It’s got all the elements to get you on board.

09. Fella T – Headache (3:33) tells it like it is and sets things straight.

10. Fella T – THHU (3:57) The midway point and this mixtape keeps on giving.

13. Fella T – All Mines (1:58) a nice short rap with style.

14. Fella T – Rolling Stone (3:47) is another powerhouse of style and honest production.

15. Fella T – Cheese Cake (4:15) has rap and rhythm.

16. Fella T – Talk (1:15)      

17. Fella T – Tru Blood (3:33) This track let’s you know the mixtape is winding down.  It’s mysterious and creative with great layers and style.

18. Fella T – YTGTIO (Feat. J Gamble) (3:41) Has top notch style and class.  The production is real and it will grab you and make sure you are still on track.

19. Fella T – Going (Feat. Lisa Lambo) (3:36) Another great mellow rich track featuring Lisa Lambo and it’s got a perfect hook and style.

20. Fella T – She In It (2:43) is a track that has great elements in it.  

21. Fella T – You Mad ASL (Feat. Narlie Narlz) (3:45) One last pump for this mixtape, this mixtape is so rich it’s hard to put into words you have to check it out, you’ll get hooked right away…

22. Fella T – Most High (4:10) The final track is a great ending to a great mixtape.  What a mellow interesting track.

Fella T and his crew have produced a A grade mixtape that will grab you from the start to the end.  The honesty and style are unmatched.  Don’t pass this one up, it will get you going and take you to a better place.

Connect with Fella T:

Twitter : @gotti_talk

Pick up your free mixtape here:

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