So glad Marcus “M-Positive” Parker sent me a sneak peak at his new album “Motivational Rap (Ten Years Underground)” to check out.  I’ve been listening to it all night and this morning want to spread the news about this truly inspirational album.  This 10 track album will give you the motivation to take on any challenge you may be up against.  The style and honesty in this album are refreshing and this album is a great addition to any music library.  I hope you pick up your copy on iTunes or Bandcamp today.  If you’re not convinced let’s dig in to this gem track by track and I know you will get your copy by the time you finish reading my review.  The production and lyrics will give anyone a lift.  Marcus’ style is addictive and this album will grow on you from the first track.

1. “Long Time Coming” This track is a great start to an album, Marcus’ rap and lyrics are honest and such a great bio for this truly special artist and album.  The world certainly will know Marcus and his positive energy he oozes in each beat.  Marcus’ style and  production are top notch.  What a great message and delivery on this track.  

2. Motivational Rap” This song has great elements in it, the piano and song have great hooks.  Marcus’ honesty and passions are clear on this song.  He tells it like it is and I can relate clearly to his message of never giving up even when times are tough.

3. Street Motivation” Is an epic song with a style that evokes power and confidence.  The best message in this song “understading yourself is the meaning of wealth” and all the points in his rap are spot on to give anyone the tools and motivation to lift out of any hardship.  I’m really getting hooked on this album and you will too, it is powerful yet smooth and the lyrics are very well developed.

4. What the P For” This track is very interesting and has a mellow groove with epic elements in it.  Marcus hits the listener with his powerful rap again on this track.  This album never gives up on getting the listener motivated and this track is uplifting and hard hitting.

5. Take Flight”  Very interesting track, extremely creative and the rap is quite unique and Marus’ style shines on this one.  

6. Be Yourself” Is another great message an another great track with all the elements to rise to the top of the pack.  Marcus’ lyrical talents on this one are firing on all cylinders and this song is definitely radio material in my opinion.

7. Last Time” This track has such positive energy and delivery of another great message.  The rap and production are so refined it is hard to put into words you have to check it out…  

8. The Antidote” This is a great track to play at a party especially an outdoor party with a group of friends sharing some good times, good food and drink.  Marcus tells it like it is and I really appreciate his honesty and energy on this track and the entire album.  

9. Sunday” This track will hook you from the beginning and has such a positive energy.

10. I Can Do It” The last track on the album is a great summary to this entire project.  It is a great ending to a truly great album that will motivate anyone to get back on track.

Marcus “M-Positive” Parker has a treasure in this album and I am honored that he asked for a review from .  The production, creativity and lyrical aspects of this album are so refined and after playing the entire album over and over I felt the passion and energy flowing from my speakers into my body.  I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this album now to add some motivational material to your library of music, you won’t be let down by this one!  Great karma on this one!

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