What a great way to start the week.  The Devine Xperience just sent me their two new releases and I have been blasting them for hours getting into their hypnotic and transcendent tracks.  These two albums are out of this world and right on time!  These tracks got me moving and bouncing around my basement, I can just imagine how it will make people on a dance floor react.  My guess is these tracks will cause any place to explode with cosmic energy pumping through the sound system.  The albums are magical and completely a sonic masterpiece of beats and sounds that will transport you to another realm.  The trio known as The Devine Xperience knocked it out of the planet!   If you are into Bassnectar, The Crystal Method, Uberzone, Rabbit in the Moon, The Freestylers you’re gonna love these two albums without question… Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the tracks one by one.

  1. The Devine Xperience – “In a Dream” What a great way to start of the album, this track has it all, killer sounds and rhythms that build to an amazing climax.  I can imagine how this track would drive any dance floor into a wild sonic orgasm.
  2. The Devine Xperience – “Completely in a Trance” The mesmerizing synth lead and perfect beats make this an epic track it just gyrates and transports you somewhere not many can describe with words.
  3. The Devine Xperience – “Strange Mutation” Wow this track is quite a masterpiece you have to hear it I don’t know if I’ll be able to describe it with words, all I can say is that this one is spectacular and hyper-creative!
  4. The Devine Xperience – “Your Mind” What a phenomenal track the sounds and layers rolling over each other and will warp even the strongest mind to melt into a state of orgasmic ecstasy.
  5. The Devine Xperience – “Alien Love Truth” Is a mysterious and dark track that will take you and consume every fiber of your being.  The passion seeps through the lead vocal and haunting synth parts.
  6. The Devine Xperience – “Alien Dust” Has rhythms that are not human but from a life force much greater than human.  This track is fantastically arranged and developed.  I can say I have never heard anything quite like it.
  7. The Devine Xperience – “The Answer” Poetic and compelling.
  8. The Devine Xperience – “Touch the Sky” The sounds generated on this track are exceptional and the vibe is extremely interesting.
  9. The Devine Xperience – “In a Dream” – (Decoding Jesus vs. The Duke & The Kaiser Remix) – Radio edit This remix is quite amazing pounding and perfectly developed.
  10. The Devine Xperience – “Completely In A Trance” (DJ D-Xtreme Remix) – Radio Edit Another masterful remix with fantastic development and arrangement.
  11. The Devine Xperience – “The Answer” – (Scott Weiser AKA Jackal from Jackal & Hyde Remix) – Radio edit A great ending to an extraordinary creation…

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