Da Gwop Krew just sent me their mixtape “Young, Fly & Flashy” and I’ve been checking it out for a few hours on loop.  This is the most authentic mixtape I’ve heard in a while, the 14 tracks are very cool and the raps powerful. Let’s dig into each track one by one… Da Gwop Krew doesn’t mince words on this mixtape.  This one isn’t for the kiddies, it is real and raw.

1.Intro – kash , J-mass  Strong start to the mixtape sets the tone and story straight


2.Kick Rocks- J-mass kash This track is hypnotic and raw.  

3.Hating on us – kash verse Nice powerful track with cool elements and flow.
4.Fitted on- Kash , J-mass Cool style and flow with great hooks.
5.Stunter Shades – Kash J-mass Smooth track with great loops and a strong vibes flowing.
6.Suicide Doors – J-mass Kash Very creative track with hooks that will grab anyone who enters these doors.
7.Hating on us- J-mass verse A funky raw track that will grip you with its style and layers.
8.Acting Funny- J-mass verse Another very creative track that is very well done, the rap, the style and rhythm are all on tight.
9.I Wanna Kno- Re-up, kash, J-mas An interesting track with a trippy loop and catchy rap.
10.Spit Like Us- Kash verse Another trippy wild track with a strong rap.
11.Niggas Wanna Run- J-mass, Kash, This is an epic sounding track with some really wild elements.
12.We Ready- J-mass verse This is one cool track from the start, it is real and strong.
13.Go Get My Paper- Kash J-mass This is a quirky cool track with some wild loops and a cool style.
14.Split ya head- J-mass & Kash 

You should pick this one up and pump it up wherever you roam.  It is honest and authentic with very powerful raps and style.



iTunes link for album: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id884118922

Twitter link: www.twitter.com/dagwopkrew 

YouTube link for single : http://youtu.be/R8cXe-FZyMw

Facebook link: 

Datpiff mix tape link:

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