Leo Sky just passed along his latest album and I’ve been checking it out since last night.  This album is so unique and powerful it is hard to express it with words.  The music production and words hit so hard with rawness that is unmatched this album certainly will grab you with its unique and powerful style.  Let’s dig into this one track by track.

1.Intro 00:24 A very creative and unique start to this very unique album.
2.So 02:21 Although this track is only a little over 2 minutes, the style and rap are so strong it seems like the track is a 10 minutes, the compelling lyrics really introduce Leo Sky and his story.
3.TR1 03:01 This instrumental track is a twisty epic sounding track.
4.Dracula 03:02 This track has sinister elements and the words are dark and dismal and certainly will grip you like only Dracula can.
5.Ascend 03:22 This is one unique track that paints a very interesting backdrop that has violent elements and a trippy backing sound track.
6.Sacrifice 02:50 The imagery in this track are so raw and powerful it is not for most.
7.Qutex 04:56 This track is an honest and unique look into the artist Leo Sky.
8.Outro 00:31

This album is not for the timid and will put you up close and personal with Leo Sky and into his dark and rich reality of deep pain and struggle.  It is one of the most unique albums I have ever heard and its raw and honest rap and sounds certainly will permeate even the strongest minds.  It is disturbing, alarming and brutally honest with such vivid imagery painted by the artist most will probably be afraid to interview him to dig deeper into this masterful and powerful album of deep psychological struggles and hardship.

To connect with Leo Sky follow the links below:

The link to my free EP

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Leo_is_Black
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/leosky
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/leo-sky
Bandcamp: http://leosky.bandcamp.com/

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