KluSlim just sent me his 4 track EP “JiveMIND” and I’ve been checking it out for the past few hours and mesmerized by his twisty and catchy sounds.  This EP is produced immaculately and offers amazing arrangements that are well developed.  Let’s dig into this piece of mastery by KluSlim track by track…

Track 1 “Real Enough” This is a great start to the EP letting you know this one is not ordinary and this sets the perfect tone for a very interesting EP.  The sounds are very well selected and the vibe is extraterrestrial and hypnotic.  It will take you to a place only KluSlim can.

Track 2 “I Am Awake” A faster paced track that has a wild arrangement of sampled vocals that create a unique vibe that would be perfect for an independent film or local cafe.

Track 3 What Makes It Work IDKBRO” This is another fast paced track with all the elements KluSlim does perfectly.  The rhythm and arrangement is syncopated and layered with a range of sounds that open the mind to interesting thoughts of being transported to the 2800s hanging out a bar with alien freaks who can’t speak anything but the vocals presented in this track.  

Track 4 jiveMIND” The title track to this EP is the most classic and interesting track on the EP featuring a wild vocal with amazing synth textures and chord structures.  This is a great way to end a truly unique EP that is great for future thinker and shakers.  

So you’ve read my review now it’s time you check it out by yourself.  It is 4 tracks of very interesting arrangements that will force you to change your mind into a JiveMIND!

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