Been checking out a truly unique EP from a great band Catalina Shortwave named “Repeater”.  This band defies genres and has a authentic, real, heartfelt sound that will grab you.  The sound and lyrics are raw and unfiltered let’s dig into this low-fi gem track by track.

Track 1 Set My Horses Free” A great track to introduce this truly unique band.  This track features exceptional lyrics and honest and true playing.  Its unrefined quality is the best part about it, it is perfectly imperfect making no apologies.

Track 2 It Ain’t Cool to Say You’re from Seattle Anymore” This is a great song laying out the story of Catalina Shortwave in a sort of Johnny Cash sort of way.  The vocals and lyrics and sound are so raw.  The song features a wild kazoo when you least expect it and really shows no apologies with anything.  

Track 3 She Set Me Free” This is a wild track featuring sound effects and a really cool intro.  It weaves a great feel with a variety of sounds and statements reminiscent of old radio shows.  It is a very creative track that is certain to entertain.  The song is richly textured and paints a very interesting narrative.  You have to check it out for yourself, it is a keeper for any audiophile.

Track 4 Make It Through the Night” This is a rockin’ toon featuring raw guitars.  The vocals are so rich and rip through with such an honesty.  This is the catchiest song on the EP with its hooky lyrics and riffs.

Track 5 Starstruck”  Catalina Shortwave is clearly masters of catchy low-fi tunes with rich lyrics and soul.  This track features really nice backing vocals and such a real feel.  Really this EP is so real it rips right through your speakers and touches anyone who listens.

So glad Catalina Shortwave sent me their EP “Repeater”.  It is refreshingly a dose of raw, real songwriting that makes no apologies or should.  It is a gem that will make a great addition to any true music lover.  I am so glad I got a copy to check out and always like to hear things unfiltered and real.  Bravo!

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