Well, well, well got a great new album from Michael Salamone “Broken News”.  From the first track this one got me going big time.  Michael’s vocals are so distinctive and rich and the production is superbly done I was hooked within seconds of playing this one.  It grabbed me and took me on a beautiful journey for over an hour and 18 tracks.  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track to reveal the masterfully impeccable album…

1. “Willing To Coast” This is a great introduction to a fantastic album.  It is raw and produced at the same time with Michael’s rich and honest vocals.  The hook is strong and the song flows smoothly.  The story of the song is nicely developed and the imagery quite well done.

2. “Into My Sea” A nice and delicate song with accents of bells and fantastic acoustic guitar.  Michael’s voice speaks emotions so clearly and paints a passionate picture.

3. “Carrots And Sticks” (featuring Ian Thompson) This is a creatively presented track with interesting vocal effects along with minimalist accents of acoustic and electric guitars.  It is unconventional and dreamy with airy melodies that weave a tapestry of vivid emotions that flow smoothly.

4. “The Ideals Of Cartoons” The lyrics on this track are brilliant and the backing music fits nicely.  Michael speaks directly to the listener with a compassionate call to stay free.  The angst and pain in Michael’s voice along with the raw backing instrumentation make this a very interesting track.

5. “Your Mantra Is Contagious!” This is an upbeat song with great rhythm and funky guitar.  The chorus is catchy and all the elements work well to create a very nice vibe.  It is uniquely developed with interesting surprises.

6. “All Of The Insects” This is a mellow song featuring nice elements of acoustic guitar and accents of mandolin.  The song develops nicely and paints a very romantic story.

7. “Morning Would” (featuring Lona Marie) This is a lively song filled with interesting arrangements of bells and powerful drums.  Lona Marie enters the song with very stylistic vocals.  This is a fun and powerful song that has a unique style and presentation.

8. “Hey! Go On Holliday!” This is another fun lively song where Michael weaves another great lyrical story.  The music complements the words with fresh sounds and present a great vibe.

9. “Temptation” (featuring Brian Rovegno) This is an epic song with a great intro piano.  The simplicity of this song give it a power that will cause your spine to tingle with the forces of the universe.  The arrangement builds perfectly and develops perfectly.  Michael’s voice shines brightly on this one and talks to the listener in an simple and emotional way.

10. “P.O.V.” Another minimalistic arrangement that packs a very strong sonic punch.  The elements fit nicely together.  It is slightly disjointed on purpose to show how all of our points of view pause and regroup framing our realities.

11. “Whatever That Means” This is another epic song where Michael weaves another vivid picture.  The simplicity and honesty of the vocals and instrumentation will grow on any listener.

12. “Missed Connection” This is a fun song with interesting sounds and rhythms.  Michael’s voice is haunting along with the supernatural sound scape that paints a very interesting song.

13. “Rough And Tumble” This song is full of surprises and free form playing with distinctive instrumentation.  The song moves from a syncopated structure to an almost broadway musical.

14. “We’ve Got To Stop” (featuring Paul Laplaca) This is another epic song with screaming lead guitars and thumping drums.  The sound is so distinctive and haunting.

15. “Doctor Strange” Very creative and surprisingly developed.  The phrases are uniquely built.

16. “After A Serpentine Ordeal” Interesting sounds and a very interesting track.  This is the type of thing that is the sign of a true artist who knows no boundaries and is willing to explore anything.

17. “Vagabonds And Pirate Kings” This is a very well developed song with an epic sound and strong lyrics.

18. “Blank Page At The End” A great way to end a truly brilliant album.

I am thrilled to get a look at this great new album by Michael Salamone.  Michael has the type of voice that resonates such a rich experience to the listener.  Bravo!

Connect with Michael Now: michaelsalamone.com



On iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/broken-news/id886396823
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Broken-News-Michael-Salamone/dp/B00KU5YYBG/ref=sr_1_5?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1402342551&sr=1-5&keywords=Michael+Salamone

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