David McGhee – Geetar / Vocals 
Frank Registrato – Drums / Vocals / Realistic Concertmate 360 
JanKarl Hayes – Bass / vocals 

Well this is 21st century punk and I love it!  The Vanilla Milkshakes recorded, mixed and master this 13 track album “How to Ruin Friendships and Influence Douche Bags” in just 17 hours, 13 hours less than Nirvana’s debut album.  This one is raw, powerful and even funny!  It is a refreshing no bullshit, no apologies, kick ass punk rock album that will entertain you all the way.  Let’s take a look at each track…

Track 1 “After School Special”  Great rockin way to start any album.  David’s vocals perfectly match the raw energy of the pumping drums and grunge guitar.  It’s a lively track with a great sound and honesty that only the Vanilla Milkshakes can deliver.  “Let’s have sex and multiply and start all over again”  

Track 2 “At Odds With God” Great lyrics and an interesting twisty track that paints a philosophical picture of the angst of youth against the establishment.  David’s vocals really shine on this one and you will be singing the hooky chorus.

Track 3 “Brand New Sound”  Nicely developed track with great vocal harmonies and gripping rawness that will pierce right through to the listener.

Track 4 “I’m No Prize Myself” This is a great tune with fantastic lyrical development.  The story is real and hard hitting.

Track 5 “Idiot Colorado” A fun track with hooky riffs and a interesting elements.

Track 6 “Tall Boy / Ska Boy” A tribute to a friend and a nice and raw track.

Track 7 “You’re Not Cool” Fantastically honest track with hooks that will grab even the finest rejects among us including me.  This song brings back early punk styles and rawness.

Track 8 “Seattle” An epic tale of growing up and travelling free.

Track 9 “Kreep” A stylistic marvel of so many sub genres built in a truly epic song.

Track 10 “Dance! Robot! Dance!” A painfully honest track with such gripping lyrics.

Track 11 “The One That Goes” A powerful classic punk song.  Reminds me of P.I.L. and other giants.  This one is great!

Track 12 “I Need A Dollar” An honest song.

Track 13 “After School Special (Radio Edit)”  This track is so honest and raw.

Well this album after a few listens really made me appreciate the raw unapologetic honest sound of this band.  It certainly is a great addition to anyone’s library and I recommend you pick up a copy and show your support!  



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