• Samantha Sharpe -Vocals
  • Heath Mitchell – Guitar
  • Scott Murdoch – Drums
  • Gregg Cash -Bass
  • Joshua Rumer -Producer

[itunes link=”″ title=”From_the_Outside_-_EP”]

Well, well got a cool EP from Australia today from Secrets Of A Wooden Hut called “From The Outside” and this one is a must for anyone looking to dive into a world so dark, beautiful and alive with mystical lyrics that will take anybody on a journey to another place.  The sound is quite extraordinary from the vocals of Samantha Sharpe to the strong textured and hard backing from Scott Murdoch, Heath Mitchell and Gregg Cash.  The production by Joshua Rumer is fantastic and this one is a keeper for anyone who loves EMO, Rock and alternative music.  Let’s dig into this masterpiece track by track.

Track 1 “Intro/The Madness” This track starts off with a tribal and mystical vibe and suddenly bursts into the superb vocals of Samantha and builds to a rich and angst ridden powerhouse.  It slowly grinds faster and stomps into an amazingly rich song.  The chorus is so epic and draws the listener deeper into a wild ride.

Track 2 “From The Outside” This is a very mystical track with great elements of powerful guitars and highlights of simple piano.  Samantha’s voice shines on this track.  Her voice is so true and filled with such amazing richness.  The track is intimate and has a passion that is filled with so many refined elements of raw emotion and power.  It is a calling to the listener to take action.

Track 3 “Summer”  This one has such delicate textures and will grip your heart and draw you into a lullaby of presence and pain all the while seducing the listener to experience something ethereal.

Track 4 “Autumn” A great rich track filled with a more delicate vocal from Samantha and a more powerful instrumentation.  This one develops very nicely with wild twists and turns.

Track 5 “Eternal” Probably one of my favorite tracks on the EP this is a wild powerhouse of riveting stylistic playing.  It is futuristic and breaks away from any genre category and showcases the creativity of the band.

Track 6 “Fade Out” This is a fantastic way to end a fantastic EP.  The energy and sophistication on this track shine.  It is mystical and powerful with such rich stylistic elements.

This EP is definitely one to pick up!  Get  “From The Outside” on iTunes you won’t be disappointed!

[itunes link=”″ title=”From_the_Outside_-_EP”]

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