Well, well, well I just an EP from an amazingly talented musical prodigy that is only 12 years old!  Gabe Rockwell just released “Shot In The Dark” and it is quite extraordinary.  He wrote the music and lyrics on this 4 track EP and it is a compelling masterpiece from such a young and talented musical artist.  Let’s dig into this gem track by track…

Track 1 Shot in the Dark” This is the title track and quite a sophisticated song highlighting the honesty and innocence of Gabe and the magic of being young.  His voice is quite refreshing and rings a youthful pure inflection that will be endearing to music lovers both young and old.  The song captures a young boy’s journey into something new and exciting with all it’s mysteries and unknowns.  The song is very well developed and quite catchy.  

Track 2 “Roller Coaster” This is a fantastic lively song that is uplifting with all its twists and turns.  It’s rock and soul with a touch of broadway.  It is fun and Gabe talks directly to the listener with great style and charm.

Track 3 “Flirting With Danger” This is an amazing track and I see this on the radio attracting scores of fans around the world.  It’s got such a sparkle to it and Gabe’s voice really shines on this track.  He really strides into the track well with nice style.

Track 4 “Who Are You” This is a great way to end a fantastic EP.  It should strike a chord with anyone in a youthful relationship.  Gabe really knows how to connect with his listener in such an honest and real way.

Connect with Gabe:

facebook: www.facebook.com/gaberockwell



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