Got a great album from J.P. Kallio called “Read Between The Lines”.  It is refreshingly honest album featuring acoustic guitar and refined lyrics.  The playing and singing are energetic, emotional and will certainly grab the listener and take them on a nice ride.  Let’s dig into this treasure track by track…

Track 1 “Apple”  This is a great introduction to a truly great album.  JP is an excellent songwriter whose lyrics are sophisticated and catchy.  This song shows how just the basics can be very entertaining.

Track 2 “Soldier Boy”  This is a heartfelt song about soldiers and war.  The words on this song strike a chord about the hardships and truth about war.

Track 3 “It’s Ok” A very rich and melancholy song about the struggles we all must face.

Track 4 “Back Home” This is a spirited track with great playing and lyrics.  JP paints a wonderful narrative and imagery with his lyrics.

Track 5 “One More Day” This is an epic song about humanity.

Track 6 “Hey Barman” This is a great song that paints a wonderful picture of sitting at the bar with all the common troubles of life.

Track 7 “Read Between The Lines” The title track is as real as it gets.  You have to check out this one, it is a classic.

Track 8 “You Still Wonder” A nice flowing song with delicate guitar and warm vocals.

Track 9 “Knocked Down” An honest autobiography from JP with a very positive message.

Track 10 “Cardboard Box” A rough and playful song with spirited playing and a catchy chorus.

Track 11 “Old Dog” A heartfelt song about getting tired of pulling yourself up.

Track 12 “Side By Side” The final track to an amazingly rich album.  This one is raw and unfiltered.

What a great and authentic album.  You don’t get many of these anymore in today’s scene.  I highly recommend that you pickup your copy of JP’s album.  You won’t be disappointed!


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