My oh my oh my oh my!  Lady Cam just sent me here new album and it is HOT!  “Get It Got It” contains 10 tracks that will make you groove your ass off and wanna get up and shake your thing!  Lady Cam’s style is honest, raw and will get any dance floor stomping and grinding!  Let’s dig in and penetrate this one track by track…

Track 1 Get It Started (The Party)”  What a great way to start any album, this song is a call to anyone who likes to party to get the freak on and Lady Cam delivers amazing style on this one.  The production is top notch and the rap by Lady Cam is spot on, I am ready to get my stuff in motion and looking forward to the ride Lady Cam takes me on.

Track 2 Holla” What an edgy track with such a hard hitting rap.  This song will definitely get anyone going with the honest words of Lady Cam.

Track 3 Get It Got It” The title track is really amazing.  It is so refined and powerful anyone who doesn’t get it ain’t got it.

Track 4 Pocket Book” This is an extremely creative track that really shows Lady Cams versatility.  What a catchy song!

Track 5 “Queen Of A Queen”  Great rhythms and sounds on this one, very interesting development on this track and certainly a great rap!

Track 6 They Hate It”  This is a quirky cool track that features extraterrestrial sounds and Lady Cam nails it with her style!

Track 7 “Never Give Up” This is a slow inspirational track.

Track 8 Crush”  What a sexy seductive song.  

Track 9 “On the Fly” This is an old school rap with great elements and a catchy production.

Track 10 “My Story”  A great honest way to end a truly great album.  Lady Cam lays it all out on this track telling her story in an upbeat unapologetic way.

Well I highly recommend Lady Cam’s new album “Get It Got It”.  She produced and wrote all the music in such a rich and stylistic way that will grab and entertain any listener.  The 10 tracks pack a lot and definitely will get your groove on.  Check it out today!;jsessionid=12FAAE50A9C17CE45E2F52C61D5DD9A4.bbolsp-app01-151?id=3238858&skuId=25014511&st=lady%20cam%20&lp=1&cp=1

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