WOW! Thomas Brunkard just sent me his new album “A Never Ending Album” and it is fantastic!  As the name implies this is not an ordinary album but rather a fine collection of songs that are richly developed and stylistically blended across multiple genres.  This work or as I prefer to call it masterpiece is extraordinary and will grip you from start to finish with rich textures and musicianship ranging from classical to rock, blues, soul and funk! This is a dynamic album that will grow over time but right now there are 10 tracks filled with a variety of music that is truly spectacular!

Track 1 1967 – Closing Credits The opening track to this dynamic album features strings, acoustic and electric guitar and drums and is a hybrid blend of classical and modern styles.  It paints a very rich sound that is a great way to start this truly unique concept.  The emotion and harmonies on this track are so refined it will take you to a small villa where you can imagine watching a beautiful landscape while sipping some tea with good friends and talking about life.  It is emotional and will bring a warmth to all listeners dragging them back in time when the richness of life was filled with such beauty and elegance.

Track 2 “GBH – Ghetto Baroque Hymn”  This track is a stylistic marvel featuring bells and funk with a touch of jazz.  The playing is smooth and sultry and weaves a relaxing vibe that is both modern and classical.  The song is very well developed and features wild electric guitar along with smooth strings.  It builds very nicely leaving the listener wanting a little more.  A great second track.

Track 3 Chain Gang Blues – A Soundtrack To A Western That Never Was”  Nice departure on this track with richly developed natural elements of hand clapping and western country strings.  The minimalism in this track is very nice.

Track 4 “Elégie Pour M. Toland”  A very sophisticated composition that displays the talent of Thomas and his refined approach toward music.

Track 5 “Sad Pavan In C Minor”  An elegantly composed classical vignette that develops nicely with accents of classical guitar.

Track 6 Menaçant”  This is a very interesting track and the word Menaçant is translated into “Menacing” in English from French.  It paints a very vivid image of discord and building strife with the elements of crashing cymbals and other ethnic percussion.  It reminds me of centuries old uprisings from villages in old Europe.

Track 7 “Mulligans Pyre” This is a traditional sounding baroque or celtic track with excellent playing and production.  It builds into such a rich and powerful piece.

Track 8 “Sentient Beings Dance” This is a futuristic rocking song featuring wild synth arpeggios and screaming electric guitar riffs.

Track 9 TAKE MONDAY BY THE BALLS” A fun upbeat bluesy track with harmonized electric guitar along with raw blues electric guitar.  It is a nice sentiment to get anyone’s week started on the right track.

Track 10 Monday Morning Blues” A great blues track showcasing Thomas’ screaming guitar playing.  

I want to say BRAVO to Thomas for an excellent concept in his never ending album idea and for all of the amazing music he continues to present on his soundcloud page.  I highly recommend everyone follow Thomas as he weaves a musical journey of styles and sounds.  



Other tracks you can checkout on Thomas’ soundcloud page

“Seek Well” This track is inspired by a Samuel Beckett Play and this collaboration with Telefan is so smooth as silk.  The touches of organ and soulful vocals certainly will grab any listener.

“Stormy Monday featuring Ditch Cassidy”  This a great bluesy track with rawness that is refreshing.  The vocals by Ditch Cassidy are spot on painting an epic blues story.

“Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”  This is such a rich rendition of the classic Church song.

Last Train To Chicago Featuring Justin Valente”  Another great blues track very nicely produced and developed.

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