Lil Jay Rap Legend just sent me over his new album “Who IS” and I’ve been checking it out all day and I have to say the 12 tracks on this album are sonic dynamite.  The raps that Lil Jay lays down plus the production are immaculate perfection.  Let’s dig into this one track by track…  Oh just to let you know it’s the real deal and not for the kiddies…

01. Shina Light What a great opening track for the album.  It is spot on with the hook “Shina Light on my hood” and the energy seeping out is addictive and will hook anyone into a great album laid down by Lil Jay.
02. ONO Great production and style on this one.  It flows smooth and Lil Jay doesn’t hold back on this one.
03. BOSSED UP An epic track full of great style and cool production.
04.  I Must Be Illuminati This track has a very interesting elements in it.  There’s so much going on and the hooks are strong on this one.
05. On This Piano Words can’t describe this track you have to just check it out and feel it.
06. Jet Fuel A creative track that is presented well and flows smoothly.
07. From The Bottom An honest song with an epic hook and style.
08. Apart Of Nature Great retro track with amazing textures and feel.
09. Come Around A powerful track featuring honest a raw unprocessed rap with no apologies.
10. Wanna Fly Away A spacey trippy track with a great flow and creative elements.
11. Make Your Mind Up This track is another epic track that makes no apologies.  
12. Bout To Blow  A nice ending to an epic album.

Lil Jay Rap Legend has a great album on his hands.  This one packs 12 tracks of sonic and lyrical mastery.  You have to check this one out! 




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