Andy Oliver just sent me over 2 tracks that are truly special.  The tracks are “Barfly” & “The Moment She Fell” and I am so glad he sent them over my way.  Both tracks feature a rich and honest sound with a refined development.  “Barfly” is the livelier of the two tracks and paints a picture so vivid with a narrative that is so carefully developed.  This is a classic song that has a timeless essence.  “Barfly” is a song that sticks in your life memory and can be revisited over decades shedding new qualities as you mature.  “The Moment She Fell” is a somber and deep track with a mysterious vocal and backing instrumentation.  The story it weaves leaves the listener guessing what actually happened to the subject of the song.  It seems to be a story of a good friend or lover who passed on.  The haunting repeating line “That moment that she well” pierces the listeners souls.  

You have to check out these two tracks by Andy Oliver and others.  You can connect with this talented artist below.  I highly recommend you pick up these tracks for your collection.  The honesty and textures painted by Andy are truly special.  Bravo!


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