Michiel Cleijne just sent me over a collection of his compositions and I’ve been checking them out all morning.  Michiel’s sound ranges from experimental to hauntingly ambient to rockish to classical to orchestral.  In other words Michiel is quite a talented and diversely accomplished composer who can express a wide range of emotions with his music.  Let’s take a closer look at each track he sent my way all the way from the Netherlands!  They are quite fantastic and I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I am right now!

Day Dream 1″  This track is mystical and refined track that starts off very simply with some nice piano and strings.  The whispers of a sensual woman along with the choir build and the track paints a vivid picture that is filled with strong textures and arrangements.  The solo female vocal yearns to grip you by the heart and draw you near.  The sensuality of this composition is quite extraordinary and it’s free form structure is like the perfect day dream.

“The Cry In The Dark” This is another exceptional track featuring futuristic rhythms and driving bass lines along with an operatic tenor crying with tones of passion and struggle.  The track is somewhat dark and compels the listener to participate in the agonizing cry of the wonderful male singer.

“The Elven King”  This is a very alluring track featuring another beautiful set of vocal tracks of women and men.  Michiel draws his inspiration on The Hobbit and the imagery that is so rich.

The Snowden Files” A very interesting take on the revelations that Edward Snowden presented to the world over a year ago.  It features voice snippets from Mr. Snowden accompanied by rich backing arrangements from Michiel.  The track develops very nicely into a rich and stylistically diverse composition featuring strings and electric guitar accompanied by ethnic rhythmic accents of congas and percussion.  A fantastically developed track.


Once upon a Day” A classically inspired composition featuring classical guitar and solo violin that paints a very rich and melodic arrangement drawing the listener to times centuries past.  This is a nice and delicately refreshing track.

Next Door Left”  A hybrid track featuring bass and electric guitar along with electric piano and a very light electronic rhythm.  The free style feel and rawness of this track are quite interesting.  It is an honest track that has some nice melodic development.

Strengled” This is an epic orchestration and features some very nice interleaved strings building into a very beautiful piece.  It is light and simple and offers a nice experience for the listener.  

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