Just got an amazing EP “Microbits” from a young talent from Buenos Aires named Luke Neck.  This 5 track EP is a sonic adventure stretching the limits of sound and composition.  It will grab you from the first second and take you away into a world of high tech sounds and crunchy guitar.  Luke’s style is quite unique and interesting.  I love this sort of music, you never know what to expect and you can’t pin it into a category or style.  Luke has a mixture of Talking Heads, RadioHead, Devo, and a very striking post modern futuristic style.  I have a special place in my collection for albums and EPs and enjoy them immensely.  Luke is quite a refined artist who knows no boundaries and has complete expressive freedom.  Let’s dig into this magnificent treasure and you should pickup a copy now, yes now before you even listen, I promise you won’t regret it.  Okay, you listened first, I understand… but you need to order the EP nowI will be upset if you don’t... This is how music evolves and Luke is one of a few pioneers who push the envelope.  Okay, I got a bit upset…  Let’s move on to the review…

Track 1 “Hey Noah” What a fantastic way to start off the EP.  The computer generated music and the pulsating rhythm and Luke’s anguished voice is a terrifically exhilarating start to this piece of fine art.

Track 2 Damuche” Rips off with grunge guitars and traditional instrumentation.  Luke’s voice is spot on for this track.  I researched Damuche on the web and got all sorts of things from a frozen yogurt store in Brazil, to a soccer player, to a slain student.  I will have to check with Luke to find out but from the sound of the track it seems as though it is the latter.

Track 3 Sin Sien”  A fantastically developed track.  Luke certainly has developed quite a distinctive and unique sound that is very addictive and gripping.  

Track 4 Mabel Y Mabel” A fast paced retro sounding track that reminds me of early 80s new wave.  It is a very cool track and I can see youngsters between the age of 11 – 17 loving this track, actually the whole album has quite an appeal.

Track 5Algún Sue” translates into “Sue Some” not sure I follow the song but it is a nice mellow ending to a beautifully produced EP.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a break from formulaic music, this 5 track EP will provide ample musical expansion and allow you to explore a great musical style.  Bravo Luke!




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