Well I had a great time interviewing a truly remarkable and real talent Dred Don Dot.  Many artists get into the game and copy everyone else in the music scene.  Dred Don Dot would rather stay real and do it from the heart.  Checkout this exclusive Very Cool Tunes interview on how this recording artist creates his songs.

VCT: Your style is quite unique and fresh, when you write new songs is there any approach that you take? 

Dred Don Dot: My approach to writing songs is simple. First I figure out what I wanna talk about. Then I pick a track vibe to it, disect the rhythm of the beat and paint the words like a artist draws on a fresh canvas.

VCT: I’ve been checking out your tracks over the past several days and I have to say they are very powerful and well done, did you create the tracks by yourself or did you use a producer to help?

Dred Don Dot: I come up with all my own concepts and bars. I draw my inspiration from the way the beat makes me feel.

VCT: Do you prefer playing gigs or recording in the studio?

Dred Don Dot: I like them both to be honest. I like the process of putting the song together then performing it to see how people react to it.

VCT: Do you have any advice for youngsters looking to get into the music business?

Dred Don Dot: My advice for youngsters getting into the business is learn as much about the business aspect before trying to jump into the game. Know what royalties are and how to collect them. Know about copyrighting your music. It’s a lot more to it bedsides recording music. 

VCT: I’m intrigued at all of your collection of material you’ve created, do you want to tell me a little bit about how it all came together?

Dred Don Dot: Well coming from the streets most of my music is a lyrical picture of my life in the streets. The name of my album is called Tales of a Paper Chaser which is pretty self explanatory. Unlike most street rapper I still try and catch the essence of hip hop while be true to myself. My music is a blueprint for a true paper chaser.

Checkout Dred Don Dot on Reverbnation now to hear his authentic and real tracks, laid down for your listening pleasure.


You can also pick up his track on iTunes


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  1. Fran from Bloomfield

    Dred Dun Dot….. Certified his lyrics can be dissected and confirmed by many people I respect. Nuff said


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