WOW!  I’ve been checking out Tommy West‘s new album “Frequencies of the Sun” that just came out for a few days now and it is truly amazing!  This 11 track album features richly developed melodic songs with shredding guitars and amazing techniques.  I have a special place in my collection for these albums and this will be perfect in my collection of Satriani, Vai, Eric Johnson.  This album will take you away into a sonic wonderland of beauty and power.  The album develops nicely, so let’s go and dig into this treasure…

Track 1 “Frequencies of the Sun” This is a perfectly composed track illustrating the complete mastery of guitar and spectacular treats.  The track has sizzling riffs and many unexpected elements that I am still trying to figure out how they can be done on guitar.  Take a listen now, I’ll wait, you have to listen now and then you will appreciate what I am saying.  Isn’t Tommy phenominal?  Without question… Let’s move on to track 2…

Track 2 “Blue Marble Happy  Starts off with a fun light acoustic strum followed by epic leads that are layered to perfection.  The song paints a sonic picture of people gathering at a beach at an outdoor bar all gathered around sipping their favorite beverages enjoying a nice beautiful day out grabbing a little food and drink and winding down for a nice relaxing social event.  It has such warm and epic melodic elements that will lift anyone up to a higher place.  

Track 3 “Pyre of the Pale Horse ” Is a fun track with its mandolin opening and dark rhythm backing.  The lead fits tightly into this slow crunchy track.  The sounds Tommy gets from his axe are supernaturally fantastic.  I can see this as a great soundtrack for the ending credits for a movie.

Track 4 “Torn” Is a mellow track that starts off with a nice piano arrangement with some bluesy tones.  It then goes into a mellow melodic guitar and develops into a powerful refrain.  Tommy knows how to finesse his axe to make it express that which is inexpressible with words.

Track 5 “Big Green Universe” Is another epic track with a big feel.  It starts off with some interesting syncopated riffs and then flows into a monstrous refrain.

Track 6 “Journey to Ixtlan ”  Nice interesting track with exotic flavors and interesting twists and turns.

Track 7 “Traces of Forever ” Nice elements of warm synths and melodic guitar.

Track 8 “Presence” A very nice track possibly one of my favorites on the album.  The arrangement is so perfectly done and it is a sonic masterpiece.

Track 9 “Under the Dreaming Tree” As the title indicates this track is a free form dark one that creates a hypnotic and mystical ambiance.  The arrangement is quite interesting and the harmonies are refined and sophisticated.  This is probably my second favorite track on the album that demonstrates Tommy’s creativity and talent.

Track 10 “Incantevole Magia della Fia” Another great slightly dark piece featuring trippy effects and interesting sonic elements.

Track 11 “Rainbow Bridge” A perfect way to end a fantastic album.

“Frequencies of the Sun” is a MUST for any aspiring guitarist or audiophile who wants to fill their library with masterful and refined instrumental music.  I am glad this album crossed my desk late last week.  I have been absorbing all of its intricacies and loving every moment.  You can pick up your copy on iTunes or BandCamp and connect with Tommy below.  Bravo!

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