Young discovery: Artist from Ukraine intrigues with her “Hero”

19 year old singer from Ukraine LYRA has managed to draw the attention of many music fans. She works in the popular throughout the world EDM genre, but sings in uncomprehensible to most Ukrainian language. Who is she and why is she interesting – in the exclusive interview on


Hi Lyra! Tell about yourself, why do you have such a name?

Hello!I’m glad to meet you and to present to you my music. My name is Lyra. I’m from Ukraine. Almost two weeks ago my first song “Hero” appeared.  And probably it’s because of such a good start that I have the opportunity to tell you about myself.

As for me, Lyra is a very well-aimed name. Besides that I feel comfortable being called like this, and I like how it’s pronounced in English – Lyra (because in my country – Ukraine – it’s pronounced as “Leera”). I feel that name Lyra is chosen specially for me. My producers thought a lot about naming the project. And one day at the planetarium they saw the tag “Lyra Constellation”. Then the Ukrainian folk instrument Lyre came to mind, then the currency in some countries, the cartoon hero pony Lyra… But first of all, the planets suggested the name – so now I’m simply obliged to be a bright star in the sky and in showbiz.

I see that in such a short time lots of people have become your fans. How do you do it?

Trust me, John, I’m doing the best I can (laughing, – ed). I am very pleased that actually in two weeks my debut song “Hero” and me in particular were introduced to more than 16 thousand listeners. I’m greatly inspired and supported by this! Really, when working on this song, I did my best to show the power of my voice as well as the rhythm of my heart and my energy. I want people to listen to interesting music, dance to it, transfer their emotions through it.

But you sing in Ukrainian, the language that’s understandable only in your country. How do foreign listeners perceive your art?

Probably, the fact that I sing in Ukrainian has several advantages. First, I want to popularize Ukrainian language with it and show that in Ukraine we can make quality music in EDM style. And second, people who don’t understand the lyrics can better feel the melody, sounds, vocal manner. And consequently they start dancing first. This I already checked in one of the clubs (laughing, – ed). However, naturally, there were some cases when the listeners emailed me asking to send them the English translation. I was then asked: It has such a deep meaning, why doesn’t it exist in English!

Tell us please, what is your “Hero” about?

In my “Hero” I tried to step away from the image of a warrior, a soldier, with which, sadly, there are so many associations in my country now. The song “Hero” is not about the recent events at the Maidan, not about the revolution of dignity, which took place in my country, and not about our current war with Russia. It’s about feelings, about love, about the Man that every girl wishes to have beside her. I’m sure these feelings are familiar not only for the Ukrainians, but for every citizen of our planet. And I want that in every girl’s life the time comes when you can look in the eyes of another person and proudly say: “You are my hero”. Because where love is, there’s always peace and happiness.

Are you thinking about singing in English later?

You know, everything is possible in this life. Taking into account that for the first two weeks of LYRA project public exposure I have the majority of plays by American, British and Canadian listeners, I’m thinking on recording a song or few in English.

As far as I have understood, you already have done some performances. Own up, where do you want to perform most of all?

It’s hard for me to answer right now. The best thing is to perform where they are waiting for you. It can be either a private party or a club or stadium. I’m already getting prepared for such big scale performances.

How did your life change after the launch of LYRA project?

It has changed a few months before the launch. More trainings, more vocal classes, interviews, photosessions, too many new things emerged. I love this pace of living very much, even despite that I have less time to sleep. But I get satisfaction from what I’m doing, and that’s a biggest advantage.

Where can we listen to your music online?

It’s on iTunes (, on Spotify, on Soundcloud (, on lots of other platforms. We try to do everything for the comfort of our listeners. You can also visit my website – – there are links to the most of the services with my music.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now we are working on the second release and on my debut album. As well as working hard on preparation for live performances. I want to surprise my fans with music, with vocals, and live shows.  I hope that very soon I can see you on my show.

Lyra your music is filled with such energy and passion, can you tell your fans what inspires you the most when singing and performing your music?

Definitely, I’m inspired by the life. I like the sound of sea and the smell of flowers, people who are ready to smile to you with no reason,I love to see happy eyes of my fans, and so on. All this doesn’t allow me to get sad, to stop or to fall in a bad mood. I get the positive energy from life, so I must share it with the others. And one of the moments when I can cheer up others, cause pleasant emotions, see the happiness in their eyes – is the moment when I perform. Thus, everyday things, strangers and loved ones, fans inspire me to be creative, and I inspire them to create happiness and see the happiness around them.

I know this is a challenging question but with all the turmoil in your home country do you think there is a way to reconcile things using music?

Thank you for this question. I’m very glad that you’ve been paying attention to the situation in my country. We have really hard times now. Every day I see a lot of crying faces, people who are really desperate. But I know that they must be supported, shown something that’s not connected with war or politics, something that’s familiar to every citizen of the planet. I sing about love, about happy relations, about the couple who are worthy of each other. And I believe that the language of music, the language of song and soul is understandable as well as by the Ukrainian men who fight the Russian aggressors in the eastern Ukraine, and by the women who are waiting for them to return alive, and also by the enemies of the Ukrainian people. Because I’m sure that where the Love is, there will always be peace and understanding.

Lyra what is the most important things you want to achieve through your music?

My first song “Hero” is about the real Man who’s always beside the woman he really loves. And also about the Woman who’s not shy of saying “Thank you for I have you” loud to the whole world. And all the other songs we’re working on now, that will be a part of my forthcoming album, also have a positive colour. I don’t want to sing about war and suffering. I want people to say pleasant words to each other more often, to smile more often, to dance actively and to get pleasure from this. Because if you’re well-tuned for life, life will respond to you as well.

Lyra you connect so well with listeners with your voice, it has such a real and passionate delivery, how many years did it take you to develop your own style of singing?

You’re praising me too much(laughing, – ed.) There’s a phrase in some old movie: “I’m not a wizard, I’m just learning”. Yes, I study vocals from the early childhood. I’m learning a “Vocalist”specialty  and a year later, giving you an interview, I’ll definitely be a singer with a Mgister Diploma. Now, when we started the LYRA project, I’m studying vocals much more seriously. I want the listeners to get pleasure not only from the music but from my singing as well.






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