VCT: Demi it’s a pleasure to sit down and interview you about your third EP “Model Behaviour”. I’ve been checking out your album for a week now and it is quite remarkable. There’s a lot of stuff I want to get to but before we dig in and get going can you tell me a little about yourself?

Demi: Plain and simple I am a quadruple threat – singer/model/actress/dancer. Of all these music is my #1 passion. I sing pop and also write and co-produce.

VCT:Demi, your style is really hot and every track on your new album is perfectly produced and your vocals really connect and resonate with listeners. Do you have any secrets on how you prepare for laying down tracks?

Demi: I have a really good vocal coach (Arturo Moises), that I have been working with in the last year. It is funny, my orig. coach randomly got married as I was finishing the EP. So I had maybe 5 songs recorded and Arturo was supposed to help me finish the rest and was like this is ok.. but I want you to be better. Let’s break from recording so I can teach you new techniques and redo some of these tracks. I was at first like no way but I let my self open and it worked out. 

When recording, I start out with memorizing my lyrics and practicing singing the whole song so that when I get into the booth I can just lay the vocals down as quickly as possible. Time is money
and so the goal is to finish as many tracks as possible in the allotted time with a plan.

VCT:“Model Behaviour” is a really fun album with great tracks that I can definitely see pumping any dance floor around the world, I am sure you go clubbing all over the place, what’s your favorite stop?

Demi: Yeah I love to go out and partay. I have danced in a lot of clubs across the states and NYC nightlife is the best .
Clubs are open til 4-5 am (most clubs in other places close at like 2). My fave NYC spots are Avenue and 1Oak. I always have a good time and you never know who you will see ie Jay-Z.

VCT:Demi your voice is very seductive and makes me really want to get up and shake it with you, if we went out on a date what outfit would you wear and what would you want me to wear?

Demi: Well for first dates I like to do dinner or a lounge
to really get to know you. I would prob wear hot pink or black fitted dress, Versace bag, & the shoe depends on your height (I’m 5’9). For you, a button down, jacket, pants and dress shoes 

VCT:“Model Behaviour” mixes lots of different genres from past scenes of the 80s, 90s and 00s. What artists influenced the feel of this album?

Demi: Yeah this EP is kind of a departure from my past two works (Genesis/Femme Fatale). I had dabbled in pure electro tracks but had always wanted to do a more full on dance record and that is what this is.
I was heavily influenced by Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani and Madonna.

VCT: Demi, you are so charming in person, I am really at a loss of words and really enjoying this interview. What qualities do you look for when choosing a boyfriend?

Demi: Aww =). Well for me its about, honesty, intelligence, drive, humor,communication and financial stability. Humor is a big one though, I love to laugh.

VCT: Demi, I see that your album is getting some notice around the world now, what places would you like to tour and why?

Demi: Well I have not toured yet but I would love to go to Europe and Japan. It would be interesting to see how the crowds there rock out. Plus some of my older songs have Japanese lyrics, so would be kool to see the Nihonjin (Native Japanese) respond.

VCT: Demi, is there any advice you would give to youngsters wanting to get into the music scene?

Demi: My advice would be to love it because it’s a hell of a lot of work lol. Live sleep and breath it
but also have fun and learn as much as you can about the industry and where you want to be.
Most important watch out for con artists!! They will sell you a dream

VCT: Demi, I see you are quite an active artist, you really have quite an amazing range of talents from songwriting, singing, dancing, modeling, and acting. Tell me how this all evolved?

Demi: My mother was involved in acting/modeling when I was little so I kind took a liking to entertainment. I did the high school musicals and took some acting classes. My sense of music didn’t come until I was 13. I just started writing songs about hair and beauty hahaha. Later I really got into rock and taking dance classes. Modeling was also fun (what girl doesn’t like to take photos and walk). In general I just knew I liked the entertainment industry and wanted to take a multi faceted approach to my own vision of the arts. 

VCT: Demi we are wrapping things up and again it was a pleasure meeting you and interviewing you for your latest project, is there anything you want to tell your fans?

Demi: Aww it was nice to meet you too!! Just want to say a special thanks to everyone who ever supported me, came to my shows etc. Stay tuned and get ready for some hot stuff. Signing off xoxo Demi

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