Hell yeah!  Got a crackling new album across my desk from a band that will certainly smoke the whole world with their powerhouse sound.  FUNGONEWRONG just released their 12 track self-titled debut album a short while ago.  You have to check this one out and check it out now it will definitely pump up your mojo and kick you in the ass.  It scorches from the first second until the end and never gives up kicking it.  Let’s checkout this one and pick it apart like a rotting skunk you just ran over while going to 7-11 to pick up some grub.

Track 1 “Dropping Like Flies” – Infectious, injecting metal into your veins.  This track will kick you into shape.

Track 2 “Lies” FGW’s style and tight raw power shines with this one.

Track 3 “Waiting To Die” Is is hard rocking tune with a hypnotic flow.

Track 4 “Cry Me A River” This track hooks you in with its infection and leaves you wanting more, more, more.

Track 5 “WTF” A great rallying chant for anyone who is fed up with the world.

Track 6 “Liar Liar” Powerhouse stomp fest with kicking groove and chunk.

Track 7 “Taking Out The Trash” A wild track with great twists and turns you have to check it out.

Track 8 “Warpath” An epic anthem.

Track 9 “Domestic Suicide” This one has scorching leads and triple rapid fire rhythm.

Track 10 ” Steamroller” Another epic track that rolls.

Track 11 “Psycho” Great track with lots of surprises hidden in the nooks.

Track 12 “Metal Rulez”  A great wrap up to a fantastic album that will pump anyone who dares to turn it up.  And there is a hidden track “CRAZY”,check it out…

So, now you’ve read my words on this one you have to check it for yourself.  This one is not for the kiddies but certainly will get you in a kick ass mood.




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  1. RonnieJames

    WOW! Holy F’n Heavy Metal! With all of the garbage out there it is truly refreshing to hear some cats who can flat out ROCK! I’m gonna be following this band for sure!


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