A.D. Weighs sent me over his tracks a few days ago and I’ve been checking them out and can without doubt A.D. Weighs is the “real deal”.  Let me tell you why… A.D. has a developed style that is raw and matched by powerful raps.  Take a listen to this track: Now you know what real is… Let’s continue.  A.D. Weighs lays down authentic, rich, styles let’s take another listen: Okay, see what I mean, you can’t use words to describe it, you can’t copy it either, A.D. has it and let’s keep going: Yep, original, no bs and true… Want to keep going?  Yeah, let’s go: Yep, A.D. Weighs knows how to lay down tracks… Connect and show some love to A.D. Weighs. http://www.reverbnation.com/adweighs




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