Non Nah Wiser sent me over his latest 12 track album “Pressure Makes Diamonds” and I’ve been checking it out all morning.  Non Nah Wiser has put together a smooth album with lots of sonic diversity that will draw any listener in and take them on a nice smooth ride.  The album features a wide variety of styles with well developed raps.  Non Nah Wiser has tight production and interesting twists and turns on his tracks.  Let’s dig a little deeper into “Pressure Makes Diamonds”.

  Track Name Time  Pick Up A Track
1 Till Now (Intro) – A great start to the album, it is an anthem song laying out the storyline of “Pressure Makes Diamonds” 3:30 View In iTunes
2 Pressure Makes Diamonds – The title track features a big sound and epic sound.  NNW lays down an honest rap. 3:30 View In iTunes
3 Layer Cake – A pumping track with great production and an overall tight sound. 3:31 View In iTunes
4 Who’s Dat (Keep Calm) – A mysterious sounding track with a cool vibe and some really interesting twists and turns. 3:34 View In iTunes
5 Breaker Breaker – This track keeps things moving with some really raw sounds and development. 4:45 View In iTunes
6 No More – Another epic track with a rap that is straight from the heart. 2:48 View In iTunes
7 Days Gone By (feat. Mr Gibbs) – Interesting instrumentation and wild flow gives the album more juice with this track. 2:54 View In iTunes
8 Get It On Like ( La di da di) – A great party song with fantastic production and a great vibe laid down by Non Nah Wiser. 2:46 View In iTunes
9 I’m Here (My Time) [feat. Mr Gibbs] – Another upbeat and smooth track featuring great layers and a smooth rap by NNW. 2:45 View In iTunes
10 Fatherhood – An honest rap from Non Nah Wiser. 3:09 View In iTunes
11 Never Down – Non Nah Wiser showcases his distinctive smooth rap style. 3:53 View In iTunes
12 B.H.R (Bobble Hat Rant) [feat. DJ Mass C] – A cool funky end to a really cool album. 2:51 View In iTunes

“Pressure Makes Diamonds” offers a great variety of smooth style, tight production and distinctive lyrical development.  Non Nah Wiser has certainly put in the effort to craft a gem of an album that will give any listener a good time filled with epic stories and fun times.  Checkout the album today and pickup a few tracks or the entire album.  Bravo!







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