VCT: You have a distinctive style that melds many different genres together creating a really unique musical sound. When you create songs, what inspires you to weave your sonic tapestry?

Cequence: My dreams inspire 9/10 of my songs, that’s where my phrase “Once Upon A Dream” comes from. My dreams give me weird stories, and I try to
illustrate the stories through music. It’s like my dreams are the movies, and I try to make the movie sound track. My dreams are weird though, they’re
based off of true events, but they like make them weird, and Coraline my life up lol.

VCT: Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got into making tunes?
Cequence: I’m an 18 year old muscian repping the East Coast! 😀 If you haven’t heard of me:
My music is kid friendly, and educational and it’s also something you can turn up to! I got into making music after I got tired of battle rapping. I don’t know when I battled it always felt like
I was walking on thin ice, and one loss would mean it’s over and making music wasn’t like that, it’s more just for expressing yourself, it’s not a competition
and you’ll get more known with music vs battling. I don’t know it’s very limiting. So I left undefeated, and went on to spread my music so everyone can hear.

VCT: Is there anything you want to share with your fans about any projects that you are currently working on?
Cequence: Yes, I’m currently working on a promotional EP, called “All Sail.” It’s going to be very chill, not much different from my other earlier projects, but more professional,
and elegant. I’ll be producing all of the tracks, and I’ll be playing instruments on most of the tracks , from guitar, to bass, piano, drums, strings, etc.
I’m giving out printed copies of the EP as well soon! However that’s just for promotion the real deal is my first ever, self titled, mixtape: MotionPictureCeQuenCe!
I’ve been working on it for 5 years, it was supposed to release a while back, but sadly after an accident I lost most of the songs, so I had to rebuild, but it’s pretty much done now.
I’m not going to give a release date, but I do want to say that it’s pretty much done. It’s VERY different from anything I’ve released so far, I think people are actually going
to like this one. Soon after it I’m going to release MPC 1.5 which is basically going to be a bunch of unfinished songs I lost in the accident, or songs that didn’t make the tape,
it’s going to be really nice.

VCT: When you record do you work out the sound or lyrics?
Cequence: Sound defintely. I’ve made 15 songs in the past month, and only one of them has lyrics haha. I’m a producer as well as a lyricist. When I do add lyrics I do
make them nice, but I’m not one of those lyrics are everything guys I try to make sure everything is leveled evenly.

VCT:  Do you like collaborating with different producers or working by yourself when you create your music?
Cequence: Nope, I only like producing for myself, I don’t know I feel like the only person who can capture what I’m feeling, and put it into a beat is me. I have collabed
with some producers in the past though, most of the good ones went M.I.A. One just recently hit me back up, and we’re working on a mixtape, and some othr stuff
idk if I should speak of that now haha. However the only producer I can, and will mention is one who is basically a day one friend, who mainly is the reason MOTIONPICTURE happened, Aztek Souns.
He’s literally helped do everything, he comes through and plays bass every now and then, or produces a track. I feel like he’s one of the few producers that
matches me perfectly. We have a mixtape coming out soon, called “Don’t Listen To The Crooked Voice, It Might Drive You Insane”, and he’s even offered
to take MPC 2 into his hands. We also secretly released the first single to MPC 2 a whiiiile back, it was called Black Bird, now it’s private, and you would have to find the code
to hear it if you haven’t haha… But speaking of producers.. I really wanna collab with Domba lol… If he’s reading this he knows who he is… One of the
greatest music makers ever.

VCT: What is your favorite part of being a recording artist?
Cequence: Mainly the being able to express myself part… Making the music. Idk it’s just really fun for me, and awesome to see people like my music.
VCT: When do songs come to you, does the music come out from nowhere or do you plan things in advance. Care to share anything about your magic?
Cequence: Lol when I plan things in advance it never happens. If I set aside a day to write I usually end wasting a whole day.They pretty much just come out of nowhere, at night… The only time I write is at night. I produce
at any time of the day however. Most of the time I usually just wake up in the middle of night, and write, sometimes it was someting I dreamt of, I write lyrics in my sleep haha.
I wish I were a sleep talker, so my room mates could hear my dream barz.
VCT: Have you ever toured?: Have any stories?
Cequence: Naaaah haven’t toured yet, I’m going on tour next Summer, or Fall. The Just A Dream Tour.
I don’t really have much funny performing stories haha. There was this one time where we had a show during a block party, and I was in a suit, and
I had a pink umbrella, LOL it was great. People kept asking what that was about, because it was during the day, no rain, wasn’t windy, I just had a
pink umbrella swagging in a tux. I gave like 9 shows before we got to the actual show, people kept asking for me to rap to them to convince them. Then
when we got to the show it was kinda dead, if it weren’t for me that show would have been boring. I was on stage singing, and being hype. The rest of
my shows have been pretty much average, nothing crazy happened.. I want to have to be dragged of the stage one day.. Like I wanna turn up so much
at a show I pass out or something lol.. ALSO I SWEAR MY NEXT SHOW WITH AN ELEVATED PLATFORM, I’M STAGE DIVING! Lol beware fans,
you’re going to have to catch me. When I can stage dive I am… I’ve had so many shows where I could but I was just to nervous, but now I don’t even care.
yolo rite?

VCT: Is there anything you want to tell all your fans around the world?
Umm new music is not coming soon, in fact new music is never coming out, all shows are canceled, and I’m recalling all merch.
Lol jk, new music coming soon. My agent says I HAVE to drop a single before the 20th of next month, so I will do so, will it be a MPC single,
or a All Sail single, I don’t know. Buy the dream on merch, Sentinel shirts finally out, the other Sentinel shirts will be out soon:
Like I said tour is starting next year, but I will be doing some small shows here and there before then.
Everyone download my press kit for the accounts I have that you didn’t know:
Make sure you don’t stop turning up, and swag is more important that education… Joking about that last thing… kinda, what ever you feel is important
is important, don’t let anyone tell you any different lol, but yeah, That’s about it, thanks! 😀

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