I had the opportunity to chat with Natalie Jean last week and introduce this talented singer from Washington, DC.  She is a charming and talented singer who has just started to release music over the past year or so.  Of course she has been cultivating her style for a very long time now and it shows in her second self-titled album.  I hope you check out Natalie and her works, it is definitely worth a listen.  Here is the Very Cool Tunes exclusive interview:

VCT: I have been a fan of your earlier music for almost two years now. I have been listening to your latest self-titled album and really like how you’ve branched into jazz. Your second album is quite rich, not only your vocals but the music is fantastic as well. Was this album any diffferent than your earlier works?

Natalie: This album is very different than my previous one. My first album was more of a Pop/Jazz fusion, while my latest album is more of a contemporary Jazz album. I love Jazz and felt that the genre was better suited for my voice. I wanted to incorporate old school with new school Jazz.

VCT: You obviously have a rich background singing, this album really spotlights your talents. Can you tell me a little more about how you developed your style?

Natalie: I love Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, and Michael Buble. I wanted a style that was old school, but still had elements of the music of this age. I love big band and the classic Jazz style. So, I decided to put the two together to create a modern twist.
VCT: I know you have deep roots growing up with all the classics, your latest album really hints at many different styles ranging from Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne to name a few. Do you agree?

Natalie: I agree. These are artists had a way of expressing their emotions through song. I love that. I believe that is great artistry.

VCT: You have a very powerful and diverse voice and your second album really highlights your vocal range and style. Is there anything you did differently for your second album compared with your earlier singles that were more dance oriented. I really think you’ve grown tremendously over the past year or so. Is there any secret you want to share?

Natalie:  I learned to become a better singer songwriter. My music producer , Alexi Von Guggenberg, helped me a lot to understand the art of songwriting. I wanted to convey songs that had more emotion, more depth. I took more time to learn how to vocalize and express what I was feeling.

VCT: What is your favorite part of the recording process? 

Natalie: My favorite part of the recording process is the listening to the different concepts that will bring my songs to life. I have learned how to listen to the components that I like and don’t like. Seeing it all come together is a great highlight.

VCT: Your backing band on this album is fantastic, it would be really great if you did a tour around the world featuring your latest album. Care to share any plans for a tour?

Natalie:  I would love to be able to tour. I am working on some ideas to develop a promotional tour. Hopefully something will happen really soon.

VCT: Which do you prefer, recording in a studio or playing in front of a live audience?

Natalie:  I would have to say that I love performing in front of an audience. I love the energy of the crowd and I love to see the reactions that others have in regards to my music.

VCT: When you think back at your childhood, what are the most memorable experiences that influenced who you are today?

Natalie: As a child, my father and I used to sing together. Watching my father, Guy R. Jean, sing, and work hard at his music career really helped me decide to pursue my own career in the music business. Music was an outlet for my father, as it is for me.

VCT: Do you have any advice to female singers wanting to take things to the next level?

Natalie:  The one advice that I can give, is to stay true to your music and who you are as an artist. Everyone has an opinion, but what matters is how the music makes you feel inside and how you want it to be projected out to the world.

VCT: Do you collaborate with any other artists/musicians? 

Natalie: Yes, I do. I am working with a UK artist, named Trevor Sewell. I am working on some songs that he has written.

VCT:  Did you produce this album by yourself or did somebody help with the production?

Natalie:  I wrote the lyrics and Alexi Von Guggenberg did all of the production and composing. I come to him with an idea, and he makes it happen. He is a genius.

VCT:  What is the one thing you want to say to your fans?

Natalie:  Thanks for all of the support and love. I wouldn’t be here without fans loving my music.

VCT:  It was a pleasure chatting with you Natalie, when will I see your next performance?

Natalie: My next performance will be at my CD Release party on August 24, 2014 at the Black Fox Lounge in Washington, DC at 9:30pm

VCT:  When writing lyrics, what sparks your ideas?

Natalie: My lyrics are based on life experiences, or sometimes from what a view of my surroundings.

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