Got a hot new album out from a band called “Sono Vero” titled “Roses for the Reckless”.  This album is filled with feel good reggae and real smooth production and vocals.  This album will take you to a great place and leave you feeling like you just were at an amazing party.  Let’s dig into this gem track by track and you should definitely pick up your copy today!


Give You the World
Give You the World – A great way to start off a truly multi-platinum album in my humble opinion.  Check out each of the tracks below, you really don’t have to read my words, you know this is good, really good, truly amazing.  Pick up your copy now!
Leave with You

Leave with You – A great continuation on a fantastically put together album.  This song paints a picture that is so true and filled with true emotion.
Back And Forth (feat. Rico Of Ease Up & Moi Of Tomorrows Bad Seeds)

Back And Forth (feat. Rico Of Ease Up & Moi Of Tomorrows Bad Seeds) – What a great vibe and flow to this track, it is so smooth it will pull you into that special place only truly talented artists like Sono Vero can do.  This track is yet another example of a superbly put together album.  This album will deliver it and then some over and over again.  It’s got all the ingredients for a platinum album…
End of Forever

End of Forever – A syncopated and fantastic track that will take you there and back over and over again and leave a smile on your face.  The rap is hot and fresh and the production immaculate.

End of Forever

Never Say Goodbye – Another hit song and a fantastic way to wind up a very special album.  The production, vocals, lyrics, musicianship on this album are the very top!  Crank up these tunes and get your copy today! Bravo!!!

1. Sono Vero 
2. Bio is attached
3. Single “End of Forever” release date 6/17/14
6. Link to review “Roses for the Reckless” EP:
8. Genre: Alternative, Reggae

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