Papalee just sent me over his mixtape “LE.ep” and it is filled with 14 tracks of skits and some really kickin’ style.  YOu can download your copy at the link below, it is definitely worth checking out!–album-mixtape.644036.html


  • 1.Shooterdownload
  • 2.UTIdownload
  • 3.Rich talks (skit)download
  • 4.Way updownload
  • 5.Legendsdownload
  • 6.3Kings impersonation freestyledownload
  • 7.Rich talks pt.2 (skit)download
  • 8.Zonedownload
  • 9.Preachdownload
  • 10.Condolencesdownload
  • 11.Har talks (skit)download
  • 12.Coins lostdownload
  • 13.Sinsdownload
  • 14.[BONUS TRACK] F.E.A.Rdownload


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